Weekend: Tarantino's Hollywood of 1969; Michael McDonald's voice; RIP NOLA legends and more

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Michael McDonald's voice is perhaps one of the most recognizable in pop music could be due to his hits with the Doobie brothers could also be related to the hip hop artist who sample his records but frame producer Jonathan Shift let has another theory aimed since the mid nineteen seventies MacDonald has performed background vocals on hundreds of recordings by other artists see if you recognize him in this bit from steely Dan movie talk to you hello. This is Michael McDonald. You know that was a kind of an elite group in L._A.. Area that I really always felt very proud to be a part of I got to single awesome pretty great singers Howard you James Ingram Luther Vandross Michael Jackson and I always kind of felt like that was a real feather in my cap to be able to step up to the Mike with those guys and it was also great way for me to get get in the studio in here stuff before it was actually released. It's Kinda like being a fly on the wall background singer back. That's how I got the job of student Davos up working at casuals with some of the guys who were actually playing rhythm section on records and <hes> and singing backgrounds for those guys selling. Another records that they were doing I did Kinda get used to hearing me sing with myself and I realized that there's something to that when the same singers Zinger sings all the parts. There's a certain psych sibling harmony. You're you're probably tighter with yourself in anyone else on the planet it's going to be you know which is what Donald and Walter did with me for the steely Dan track bad sneakers curse you suddenly realize that's kind of sound that you probably wouldn't get any other way but to use the same person singing all the parts and then doubling all the parts so that was really one of the first times I became keenly aware of that sound which some people bowl think of as the Michael McConnell background sound but then on subsequent records toward people were saying well. How did you get that sound? I could say well you know I I did all the parts of myself and double them go. Let's do that we can talk about all those recordings that you run for a long time but I just wanted to fast forward a little bit to some of the more recent collaborations that you've donald sure sounds like grizzly bear to me yeah very unique band grizzly. Grizzly bear <hes> and I I really came out of the blue they contacted me and I had not heard the van but they sent me a track and it just was so fresh and different end is seemingly abandoned was is really trying to exercise a certain kind of musicality Abner Amanda Schone Swim <hes> just did that record not that long ago seemingly <hes> House and Santa Barbara where they had kind of camped set up camp in Amanda her mom was Donna Summer and I met Amanda which is about ten years old is first time matter and all these years later singing on record twitter as my friend Steve Brunner Aka under a great experience. I have to give credit to Kenny loggins on that. One Kenny's <UNK> SON had heard Steve in an interview kind of mentioned myself and Kenny is a couple of his influences. His son you know was a big fan of thunder cat as was my daughter at the time and so his son contacted Kenny. Kennedy and dad you gotTa call this guy and maybe write something with them. You know so Kenny kind of reached out to Steve Steve got back to us and we all got together studio in Ojai California and listened to a bunch of music together together which was great fun and then we decided to write that tuned together <hes> something Steve had already started and so we added are two cents in <hes> Steve went and mixed in general question. What are you looking for? If anything in these kinds of collaborations I think just a chance to find something that strikes match for army and I I look in every direction for that. You know not just new artists in new collaborations with contemporary artists. I still look to the past for a lot of my inspiration laid on the bus last night my headphones on listening losing two hours of Curtis Mayfield. He's just you know some of those groups are just so infectious and so wonderful in his lyrics of course just so stream of consciousness and so poignant you know much like the guys he's like Steve Brunner Anderson and Kendrick Lamar those guys of today they're just kind of breaking new ground and he was definitely unique voice for Modern Soul Patrick one or two Michael McDonald performs at the Hollywood bowl on July thirty first and that's it for this week. The frame is produced by the mighty team of Oscar Garza Darby Maloney Jonathan Shiffling Julia.

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