Buttigieg country music radio interview blocked from airing


Cumulus media one of the largest broadcasting companies in the country has blocked one of its country radio station hose from airing his interview with twenty twenty democratic presidential hopeful people to judge the mayor of south bend Indiana now see I didn't hear was a country station yeah Blair garner who self titled Nash FM radio show is syndicated nationally across more than a hundred and fifty stations interviewed to judge on Wednesday while the democratic candidate visited national Tennessee is part of his campaign tour it's important to Pete to reach out to voters everywhere said his campaign manager Liz Smith we've made a point on this campaign to go outside the traditional political media bubble that's why we reached out to Blair on the country station about an interview Blair has a pretty big audience and it's an audience that doesn't typically hear directly from democratic candidates for president okay in his roughly twenty minute interview mayor Pete discuss meeting a country music I've cons Brad Paisley into McGraw he called on the Democratic Party to reach out to more communities traditionally viewed as right leaning I think our base tends to be more conservative garner told bill because of his programs listeners and the fact that you from the democratic ticket are the singular Canada to reach out and to say may I please be on your show that you're reaching out to listeners I think well we all have race that and be appreciative of that right about that reaching across the aisles thing we keep hearing right but but but but cumulus media decided to spike the interview blocking garner and affiliate radio stations from airing any part of it more what he said to my employer decided I couldn't bear it he tweeted with a link to the interview published on his personal soundcloud account garner had intended to run the interview beginning Monday a source close to the radio told Huffington post in an email sent to affiliates Friday morning and obtained by the HuffPost garner said he planned to include two segments of the interview in the show and broadcast the full exchange in the subsequent podcast it is not in any way shape or form my intention for our show to become political the host of the show's wrote in an email but because someone clearly saw the value of our listeners I felt secure enough for that opportunity but no cumulus media said I've been to what he says I've been told the interview cannot air but I know right nation wide I was proud well if you don't think you need the the explanation I got my radio news letter this morning was they were citing the equal time rule you that's very easy to which I said yeah okay sure we we have politicians on our show all the time and I'll say it right now if if you're running for office and would like to be on our show call us and we have opened all see we want we don't exclude anybody go so they as the if they're calling it an act of cowardice for a company whose slogan is where every voice matters Boehner candid number three and what would happen if you did hear from mayor Pete anyway all right there you

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