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With her mother and daughter her whole life. New york is foreign and scary and so that's why she doesn't want to go. I think it's not about near being for in a scary. I think she doesn't want to be far away away from jane. That's very <hes> yeah new place away from the things that she loves in homage a heart is you know so alba cuts deep and give some great advice just as if she's in and nicholas sparks movie. She reminds though that she has come to this country to start over with nothing so so can do that in new york. Do not let fear get in the way of your life life then we have a montage of alvis house listener so cute and and we get to see her history a little bit and then we all start crying or continue crane because there is so much love and joy in the house that's all day ends in weep as the as they sit on their swing and watch the sunset crying again or still oh rafael

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