California dive boat owner says crew tried to save passengers


Well let's see the the part of the made a call from the dive boat of California twenty five bodies now have been recovered right nine still missing including the co owner of the boat is seventy five foot boat caught fire off of Santa Cruz island it was fully a blaze by three thirty AM on Monday morning a few of those that were passengers on that boat this excursion that went out. roughly thirty three people that were part of that excursion plus crew members on board but of that thirty three they had three that were celebrating of. a birthday the over the weekend and and that was that was part of the one official calling this the worst a worst case scenario and of course you know now hearing that more than two dozen dead at least that's just what what's been recovered here they it's just it's it's devastating the does have think about that does that mean that nobody except the crew got off. I would what I know I will believe yeah because I saw where it's just a handful of the crew were able to get off. so I don't know if all of those who are deceased or missing are all the people who were on the excursion

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