Florida man gets 10 years for knowingly spreading HIV


A Florida man has been sentenced to prison because he was having sex without notifying his partners he was HIV positive regime a key board for twenty seven years old Pensacola was sentenced Friday to ten years in state prison followed by five years a provision for three felony counts of having sex with another person without notifying the person that he had HIV that's according to a news release by state attorney bill eight in that I know what some of you guys are thinking you're like what why did the other person protect themselves I assume everybody is HIV I know but anyway he was sentenced Friday to ten years in prison a penalty procedure hearing was held on April tenth on a project to determine whether he should be considered a danger to the public state attorney bill it is noted it was the first time a penalty procedure hearing to determine the danger level of such offense has it ever been held in Escambia county this is what the first of its kind of Florida so they say under current Florida law of a I don't they I think they they they missed a word in there under the current Florida law criminal punishment score sheet for these three counts of having sex with another person without notifying the has had HIV Bader for did not score in the range that allowed him to receive state prison as a punishment because of a scorching since voter Ford did not score permissive state prison the only way to receive a sentence as they present was for the state to put the question of is dangerous ness to the public before jury it has to be a county jury found that he was indeed a danger to the public having HIV any face a maximum sentence of fifteen years in prison according to his arrest report he had sex with women from September two thousand sixteen to September two thousand seventeen and lied about his condition to one of the women I mean again what comes to mind is if I ask the person to have HIV and they said no I would be like well how do you know yeah I mean if a person let's say said well not not only now here's my lab results and it's dated today are you know but after maybe a week get it out to get the results back and all that was falsified you know but I you know if you're about to have sex with somebody and you go hi do you have HIV and they say no how do they know did they get tested and even if they got tested it still could convert so anyway in June two thousand seventeen a woman from one fourth of the kids as a positive for HIV and relaxed sexual partner had been bought a Ford she told investigators that when she had seen him in possession of medication used to treat each of a question about it he told her that he was selling the drug for his uncle whatever later told investigators that he had known about his HIV status since September two thousand sixteen which was nine months before they have sex all right so what does this have to do with your I or whatever you know you're going to jail if you put somebody a risk for something that could potentially kill he looks like the bad guy and again if you lied about his HIV status that is bad but where is responsibility with the rest of us I mean if I'm going to have sex with somebody well I'm not married to I am going to be at risk if I'm having sex with somebody who wasn't my only and I understand that's rare yeah I mean we wouldn't really have a lot of the city issues if virgins married verge and we don't have a cities but I understand that's not the way things are right now but if you are going to have sex with somebody who's ever had sex with somebody else make sure they show you a copy of their as to the panel and I told you guys use the panel that you need to ask for is HIV hepatitis I would you be AMC syphilis to gonorrhea chlamydia and H. P. V. if you can get that's not a blood test that any more pap smear or swap or whatever but HPV can help HPV can cause cervical cancer so what makes this story interesting to me as I know a lot of women who got HPV they were a virgin when they got married their husband was not might have picked up H. P. V. from a previous partner wife gets cervical cancer now getting HIV isn't a death sentence like it used to be but it's still service getting HPV should be a death sentence but it could be you could die from that too so then I'm kind of concerned about and this is where you guys now get involved what do you have a TV or not HPV or not or whatever or hepatitis C. or not is if there is a presence that if you are given if you receive a STD that potentially could kill you for because you go through cancer treatment or liver treatment or whatever you have the right to sue or criminally charge a person you had sex with everybody out there better know what the hell they

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