Diamondbacks acquire right-hander Mike Leake from Mariners


Nicole was bill Swarts has more on Seattle baseball trades made just before today's deadline veteran Mike Leake was fully aware of the Seattle Mariners were shopping him around starting last winter the right hander had this to say after throwing a complete game one hitter against the LA angels I think I may have been all year and wages because they're trying to train me in the off season for a little bit but definitely I think I'm on the radar leak had to be elated today when he learned Seattle traded him to the Arizona Diamondbacks who just happen to play thirty minutes from leaks home in suburban Phoenix the emms also had to eat some of my colleagues sixteen million dollars salary in return they get twenty two year old minor league infielder Jose Caballero Seattle also traded away back end relievers Rowen Acilius and hunter Strickland for three of the Washington nationals pitching

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