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I am joined by my friend inlands and how's it going in. Are you doing good so the reason I have you on the show today. you know you've been on the show before Kinda Hannah. I'd like to bring you on the show anytime I wanna get like I think of you as kind of like my software. Business uncle gets talking once in a while. The has all this wisdom awesome awesome. Chavis have diamond. I'm trying to figure something out and just get some get some perspective for someone who's been the game for awhile crazies offer uncle so yes so kind of what I wanted to chat with you. Today is me and Steve Showgirl who worked on at factoring. Ui with are working on this new product that we're still trying to figure out exactly exactly what it's going to be but like there's some things that were just struggling to to feel like we've made a confident decision on. I thought it'd be cool to get your input on that. So what we're trying to make is obviously. Steve Work on talents the SS furred punches reasons and people use it and it's cool or whatever but because it's like a utility framework the sort of a hole where a lot of people who try to use it Kinda get stuck because they just don't even though that like the workflow. They just don't know like what to do with it. I mean it's like this draft okay. I I WANNA make a list group. I WANNA make enough bar. It's like all right there but yea with tell when you're sorta like left your own devices so what we thought would be kind of an interesting way to try and like make the whole thing sustainable so we can actually you build a business around this tool while keeping it open source and continuing to build free stuff and everything is to kind of enter the sort of like you. I kid or themes uh-huh space kind of like bootstrap has their official theme store. We're trying to figure out like what does it look like to make a product like that for Tell when users search for aspiring toe and users even and even not positioning is kind of hard to figure out so kind of explain where we're we're thinking kind of a going and then I'm curious to get your take on idea in general and then also. I have some specific stuff that I think would be interesting to get into. Let's do so we're thinking is basically kind of like A. I guess like a Web portal. You know if you WANNA use nineteen ninety any seven lingo some sort of like logging area where like Steve of just built out tons and tons of different components and they're kind of right now. We're thinking kind of bigger components then. Maybe you might see with like traditional. CSS Framework the stuff. That's a little the more complex entire pricing section of a landing page or something with like three cards and sort of some interesting layout with like the featureless and and all that stuff and the idea would be that all the stuff would just be delivered straight up. HTML since talent is all utility classes. It's kind of Nice that you can actually just like save tears. HTML of the classes are embedded right into it. You can just copy and paste. It and you have something to start from. so we're thinking yeah. It's like some logging area. People can kinda browse all these different categories of stuff copy and paste into their projects and from a design perspective. Originally we are trying to figure out like should should it be should we try and make it like intentionally very varied and like terms how it looks like some things are like superfly. Ui with crazy colors and some things are maybe like more traditional or something's more enterprise or whatever I think we're thinking kind of make things a little bit more like consistency Stinson a little bit easier to sort of pick and choose different things knowing that like they're gonna fit together like fairly nicely but ends up making the whole thing kind of feel like kind of like one theme but not really at the same time because you still have a lot of choice and like you know okay well. I want a four card pricing greater. I WANNA PRICING TAE. They were want like a pricing thing with a variable pricing slider or like enter a bunch of inputs and you know what I mean. So there's all sorts of different ways. You could do it and the nice thing. We're hoping anyways utility approaches that since you just copying each imo he should feel pretty safe just like changing what you want to change right like oh it kind of want like to add like a second button here. We'll just copy paste the button that's already there. I WANNA use a little bit less padding here. Just change a p six to a p four. You know to go whereas I feel like if you if you look at a lot of the other tools on the market for this sort of thing you get this giant zip file. That's like the mystery box. You don't even know it's going to be in and they're gonNA come with like. Is it like a bunch of SAS files. Is it stylus files. Is it just pods the assess do they have like their own gulp scripts. It's all like just just like is asked to rate so I'm kind of hoping that like one of the value propositions here is like you sort of know what you're getting because like it's tell when stuff it's just. HTML it's all using the default tailwind classes not like anything fancier accustomed so it's very transparent and you get what you get and you kind of know what to expect so. I guess just like even based on that description like how does that a hate you well. I mean it's it's sort of interesting because it's different a little bit different than what we talked about this when you were. I thought of it so I guess there's the two sides us right. What you've described is like website template. You're building a website and it's GonNa pricing page has got like a tour tour and whatever you need lay out and whatever design and well I kinda visit as was more apt components so that's going to be there too but give me your like what is Ian. landsman is like definition of an APP component again so that's just like the you know apt APP. Dot. You know help spot dot Colorado. You know you're like the actual like you I for a B. Two B. APP. Let's say or consumer APP at the APP itself lists and table views and form control walls all that stuff so to me those are pretty different things kind of I understand them being together also in tailwind type scenario but I do think they're pretty different like I think the APP controls all seem like super clear and clean to me and like a lot of people have that need developers are like I don't WanNa build any of this stuff. It's it's terrible to build at all or you're trying to take some boots jobs saying but the really basic thing bootstrapped gives you doesn't like give you really what you need and so you need to like mess with all that and from your end it's cleaner just seems like a light version and dark version. Maybe a little build builder. You is that lets you like mess with colors or something and like it's a different variations or whatever but the front of the website doc it's all crazy over there people are going to be like we need like two hundred themes to choose from because. I don't want to have the same theme as some other people and beloit get a a lot stuff and people wanna big hero and a small hero and no hero and long form in this you know there's like all the different million variations and you have some designers involved or they're gonNa uh we want it to look like this look. Can we make this thing you got from them. Do this thing like don't like to kind of pretty different things. Some of the controls could cut across both ways and things things but I was the first thing that just kind of struck me as if you're sure you want to be in that side like the theme forest and the world like do you want to compete with theme forest in General Yeah Yeah yes. That one's kind of yeah. It's interesting that you think of it as being separate. I guess I don't think of it as being a separate as you do but maybe that's just because like I've actually been trying to hack stuff together and economy feels like more unified but I can see why you'd get that thought but yeah even with like like the marketing stuff I think the goal is to make things as sort of interchangeable as possible right so like imagine you're trying to build billick marketing say maybe we have fifteen different heroes to choose from but the idea is like all those heroes are all going to look good with all these feature section all these feature sections the again now to do that. We kind of have to make like some of course like baseline designed decisions right like do we are flat or do we go like with some shadows hazard to go square. Do we go rounded. You know the the sorts of like asked that decisions that you have to sort of carry through the whole thing for to not look like some like disaster asked here but what I was hoping and I don't know if this is going to be true and it'll be I'm curious to know it your perspective as like my hope visit people are going to feel comfortable taking a hero the has rounded buns and being comfortable getting rid of the round corners just like deleting that utility goal. We kind of want not to be square. Whatever but I also know that people are necessarily going to have the imagination necessary to even think to do that some of the time yeah well. I think that's what it was like. The semen woman in the market is so different when you're building the APP. It's like you know you have to construct all of this stuff like you're literally building everything when you're building up part of Saas Upright and and the the like marketing site part is like more variation in it because there are definitely people who just install wordpress and they wanNA download some. I'm crazy theme forest thing that's got five thousand files and seven Java script systems and just like this giant monstrosity with customers but let you do all kinds of stuff so the whole thing but obviously by the flip side. You're not in some ways. You're not really targeting not market very much at all because you're still going to be doing the people who are building the whole thing. I'm from scratch that way. It's kind of you know. I think you're pure target right. He's going to be the like somebody building. They're building the marking working page. They're building the APP belt holding a lot of times now. They're one APP these days. Some you know now usually but not you know more like a bigger business building. It would usually won't build it that way. he's like a different. CMS Say Austin differing in group that does it and it's totally unrelated to the APP stuff but that's a big concern for you necessarily and what you're doing. You know your audience really yeah yeah. I think that any sense I think like in our heads trying to figure out like is what we're providing a bunch of different like sorta like themes where like you can kind of make choices says that ended up with like totally different looking sites or do we want to pitch it more like this is like the first kind of theme you know what I mean and maybe it's an only ends up being like one you know of course we're just. GonNa Start with one and see what happens but thinking of it more like okay. Steve designed all this stuff. He designed it all consistent and so it's like sugar at scale you could buy about also like with a focus on hopefully hopefully trying to make it so that people feel comfortable making little tweaks here and there to like you know put their own spin on it like for example one of the decisions that we've made up to at this point which may or may not be a good decision. We've been designing everything using just like basically like black as sort of like the primary color so whereas something something like bootstrap like primary buns are blue links are blue and you know everything looks like a blue site where dislike associates like a dark gray. That's like really neutral but still like totally polished and let people like change that to green if they have green brand color changes to blue Febblue Branko or whatever so hopefully the people stuff still turn out different just because they're just GonNa you know in Jack their own little flavor things but again. I don't know for sure like if people are going to want to do that like it's hard to know like how off the shelf do people want things to be versus how much to they just want

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