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Triggers a really good program and the college gameday there last year you were a prime time ABC game you've been in near six games. Paul Finebaum show weekdays at three eastern on the ESPN app and on the SEC network. the players have the skills but as far as the fans to make the game what it is we bring the original. the basements and living rooms and garages with the smokers for a we bring the tradition in through the tail end. this is our college football the game needs. so there's only one question. the girls will will return Saturday December twenty eighth on ESPN. defense was the star in a week one way and then once a difference like the man it gives you a lot of confidence number this team can go while the Vikings cruise to victory to join the parent on top of the NFC. now we go head to head in a critical early season showdown at Lambeau field the Packers and Vikings coverage begins Sunday at noon eastern on ESPN radio one presented by. ESPN radio's. good morning on the one three three three zero Tanya brown accused of sexually assaulting his former trainer according to a lawsuit that was filed by the woman in Florida on Tuesday Britney Taylor accusing round of three incidents of assault and twenty seventeen and again in twenty eighteen and looting an alleged rape ESPN's Adam Schefter Tuesday night on sports center when you think people around football they wonder whether the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell to go ahead and place and only brown on the commissioner exempt list which

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