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But increasingly read comment while ago posted about the sustainable futures report. The correspondent was concerned that i was trying into politics. The truth is everything is political while we can all do something toward solving the climate crisis. It is only governments and politicians who can make the changes of the magnitude that will make a difference. We are talking about system change after all. I know that many of you listening thing to the sustainable futures report are not in the u._k. I think that even you would have noticed that you k- politics are in some turmoil at the moment in fact this has been going on for three years but it's finally approaching day new mall. I say finally but everything may well have changed by the time you hear this anyway. They situation is the new prime minister has sought and received the authority of the queen to prorogue or suspend parliament of course she couldn't refuse but that's another story. The point at issue is that this would allow the prime minister to govern without parliament and allow how him to complete brexit the u._k.'s departure from the e._u. As he chooses i happen to believe that leaving the ear would be a disaster. Komo concerned if this prime minister can sideline parliament than any prime minister can do it on any issue. That's the reason i spent tuesday in london with your for europe and the yorker remain voice clap. I hope you saw us and hurt us on the evening news on bbc you see i tv and channel. Brexit is a sideshow by comparison with the climate crisis while breaks. It dominates u._k. Politics antics little of significance will be done on climate change all on many other issues that we've been neglecting over the last three years worrying agreeing also is the fact that many permanent brexit tears pacifica's climate deniers if i'm being political in opposing them and so be it in the climate crisis news this week the amazon fires why they're not the only fires why they he may not be as bad as you think a why they may be much more serious in ways you don't expect the future of the consumer society professor ian boyd retiring chief scientific advisor defa has set out his thoughts which looked very much like system change to me and the flying prince. I'll all common offsets making his travel common neutral the fun as in the amazon have been making big news news over the last couple of weeks that destroying the rainforest sante threatening an area which produces twenty percent of the world's oxygen on the amazon amazon rainforest is the lungs of the earth. Isn't it well. Yes no i strongly recommend that you listen to more or less a statistics sticks programme on bbc radio four which is available online and has carried out a detailed analysis of the situation they spoke to daniel net stunt of the earth innovation institute who explained that the fire houses have been identified by satellites are not burning rainforest generally the rainforest doesn't burn because it's so damp and humid what can happen is that low level fis can burn the leaf litter on the forest i flow and this can scorch the trunks of the trees and callum off these files are not visible from space and their effects are only evident once the trees have died off which may take a euro reversed point then is that the fires may be more extensive than we know at present. The fires that we can see from space are carrying on land which is being cleared. It's common practice for farmers to burn off weeds. Where land has been recently cleared. The trees are left to dry out and then abundant. One of the major consequences of these files is smoke soot in the atmosphere leading millions of people to seek treatment for respiratory diseases smoke from the falls code sao paulo which is mulling one thousand miles away from the amazon to be plunged into an apocalyptic darkness in the nineteenth of august the new president of brazil k. A. bowl sonata has taken a very hard line on the amazon weakening the brazilian environment ministry and turning a blind eye to illegal logging and deforestation he the amazon as a resource to be exploited by minus farmers and loggers as reported recently when the brazilian satellite satellite monitoring agency revealed significant increases in the rate of deforestation. The president denied that it was true on the director of the agency was dismissed. Does the amazon produce twenty percent of the world oxygen. It depends how you calculate but according to daniel napster it consumes a lot as as well and the net effect is more or less neutral. He sees the most important function of the forest as cooling effect as every every drop of water transpired by the trees evaporates. It cools the atmosphere you the effect of this across the whole forest is enough to have an effect on the climate of the whole world. Let's not forget the consequences of the fires and the deforestation policies for the indigenous peoples of the amazon amazon basin. They see the homes that food sources their way of life destroyed tribes that have been wolf generations a coming together against a common enemy enemy. Surely the global community should take that pont in our own interest as well as this president bolsonaro initially initially suggested the ngos had deliberately set the forest on fire in order to embarrass the government rejected the twenty two million dollars that politicians titians attending the reason g seven summit in biarritz pledged to help fight the fis. Can the world afford to stand by and let this destruction attraction continue. It's claimed that attention to the amazon leads the world over the fact that there are far more fis in africa but it's not the same thing writing in courts africa kolin bill senior lecturer in ecology university of york says fire is an essential part of the savannah savannah. The first to know is that the impact of a wildfire depends more on wet and what it is burning than how big it is or indeed how many fines there are the vast majority of the african fires currently earning seemed to be in grasslands and exactly the places we expect to see fires of this time of these files are usually by cattle famous as part of their traditional management of the savannahs where the animals graze some files are started to to stimulate new growth of nutritious cross for their animals others are used to control the numbers of parasitic takes own manage the growth of thorny we scrub without fuzz many savannahs and the animals they support wouldn't exist and lighting them as a key management activity in many any of the iconic protected areas of africa for instance. The sarah getty in tanzania is known worldwide for safari animals and all inspiring hiring builder beasts migration and i'll work shows that around half of its grasslands each year most foss both in the amazon was an ad in africa therefore deliberately started by humans as part of land-management b._b._c. news reports wildfires ravaging parts of the anti with areas of siberia alaska greenland and canada engulfed in flames and smoke satellite images

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