What 50-Year-Old Moon Rocks Can Tell Us About Earth's Nearest Neighbor


Moon rocks safely stored for the past fifty years our source of new knowledge about the earth's nearest neighbor more from Cuomo's Corwin Hague no one has set foot on the lunar surface since Apollo seventeen return to earth in December nineteen seventy two but Jim Garvin with NASA says in that time lunar science has taken well a giant leap new techniques in that weren't even invented in the late sixties techniques that can see a billionth of a meter into a rock without even opening the rock garden says we now know there has been and maybe still is frozen water on the moon and Garvin says on manned moon missions have mapped its surface practically to the square inch so we've been orbiting along with the lunar reconnaissance orbiter about the size of a refrigerator for the last ten years and we've painted the moon's surface sort of like Google earth paint earth we have global loan all of this knowledge will come in handy when men and also most certainly women return to the moon which NASA says will happen in twenty twenty four Corwin hake komo

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