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Richard Linklater Discusses His New Film 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette'



Director and screenwriter richard linklater has made all sorts of films dazed and confused school of rock kboi hood all feature characters who were struggling to come to terms with themselves. His latest movie is where'd you go. Burn debt adopted from maria samples bestselling two thousand thousand twelve novel of the same name in the movie cate blanchett stars as a brilliant misunderstood woman in the midst of personal crisis his benedetto on a rainy. You drive with a thirteen year old daughter. I just didn't know how hard and it's for me sometimes but sergey uh-huh but now linkletter told john horn that it was the characters complicated relationship with creativity that inspired him to bring her to the screen was really interesting portrait of an artist who's kind of blocked and i think an architect whose blocked is very different than a rider ryder musician or someone else in her case. It's a lot of complex reasons. We come to find out in the movie why she hasn't done anything in twenty years so it's some kind of shadowy nightmare position i think for most artist to kind of find themselves entered even contemplate so you find out really it's just motherhood kind of absorbed her completely into the domestic which i think is the fate of a lot of women in to to varying degrees he's so it's a portrait of motherhood as much as anything kind of a mother daughter relationship but that that professional stasis was certainly one more more really intriguing element to her character. You know i feel so much myself and bernadette yeah. What do you feel in yourself and bernadette. I think everyone can relate to her kind of social anxiety or <hes>. You know kind of antisocial behavior. Some of our attitudes are impatience the aloof artist in her the one who wants to be alone. I i really don't want to have to go to the pharmacy today. I don't wanna do that so i i could relate to all that and then the way she gets excited about something. I was like oh yeah. I could relate to all that not to mention the elements of her life. You know parenting long term relationships. You know all that stuff. There is a mother daughter story in this but there's also a story of a marriage and the character bernadette is married to man played by billy crude up and he recognizes stigmatizes that there's something wrong with her and it's very interesting to watch him. Try to manage her mental health. I guess is no other way of putting it so when you think about what you're trying to convey about their relationship and about their marriage what were the important things to you in telling their story well. Oh it's a portrait of a longterm relationship. That's kind of drifted. You know he's been work-obsessed. She's got the domestic front and i think because he's so busy at at work in this case he works at microsoft and you know has a lot of people working for him and he does what a lot of people unfortunately do in our culture feeling kind of helpless he sort of ultimately outsources his family's health to the professionals he starts down the road to certainly pathologising her and probably you know medication education and a little bit of <hes> institutionalization you know so that's the path this has led him to what he's observed heard in some incidents that happen on and on the other hand parallel to that an old colleague has happened to be in town. They have lunch and he listens to her in the way someone who really really knows you. You like artistically just says to get your ass back to work. You need to have a creative project. That's what you need to do and to me. My heart insult goes that way like i really believe in the healing power of art that it's the ultimate coping mechanism with the world is to be creating something and and that's what is in fact the right things she does and she's wise to escape from her intervention and you see her ultimately reconnecting connecting with her creative self and follows that that's a good thing to that feels like something that you are either consciously or maybe subconsciously drawn to the the idea of kind of reconnecting with your creative self your true self. I mean you could say it's part of school of rock. It's part of dazed and confused at certainly part of this story. Do you find that to be an intentional choice that there are certain stories that you are drawn to that have that kind of theme even if the film's look incredibly the different castes is just a subject that always kind of hovers around me and just preceding to the world you know you always have this little voice in your head like. Are you doing the right eight thing. Are you doing exactly what you're meant to be doing and i have this critic in my head. Who's always rejecting things that feel like there's a path i should be on and certain things the on the path or off the path and you know it's hard to say what what's motivating you at any moment but there's a certain kind of personality that has to express itself and when that gets thwarted or blocked it can be very toxic <hes> outcome. We're talking with filmmaker richard linklater about his new film. Where'd you go bernadette. I want to play clip from a very different film little shorter that you made not long ago. Somebody left up to know my daughter today at ted. Cruz toughest tanks the kamar. Somebody call my wife a dog. Instead of my daddy was the kennedy assassination. I wouldn't be kissing is in their ass. You stick a finger in their chest and give them a few choice words or you. Drag your ass out by the woodshed and kicked their ass. Ted come on ten.

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Richard Linklater Discusses His New Film 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette'

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