Cristiano Ronaldo Says 'Juventus Will Win the Champions League



Christiana went out on you vintage chances of winning the Champions League. He said Hey let's we will win the Champions League. I don't know if it will be this year or the next but it's coming that was reported block at the Spanish newspaper. The ultimatum tend not to agree though they have event is currently fifth favorites to win does she behind Real Madrid behind the whole oldies livable Barcelona and the eternal favorites Manchester City yet. He's confident he was brought to win the Japanese Leah but he's not sure it'll be this year. The telltale sign will be how sorry does the manager yeah the coach. He's got to give them a whole new system. This is a different install manager. He's got to get the best out of players that brought some new players in so they. I think they probably better than they were last year with coming in at centre half. They got a couple of good midfield plus Arabia. I think is going to be a good addition for them but we still don't know where they're. GonNa lose one or two between detailer. ARE THEY GONNA go. I still think it's GonNa be tough well. UH-HUH I agree listen nine to one odds. If you're a betting man good better have event us but I'm sure to this as I think you should right now. There are other clubs that are better prepared than events or that being said it takes a huge slice of luck to win a competition says champions is the whether Lagos with eventual or against the this time we'll tell they've got a good squad a better score than the last season and as much as I rinaldo wants to be a little bit noncommittal he was brought there for a reason and I he wants it as much as anybody this year or next despite what his suggests well you mentioned it's a knockout competition and the slings and Arrows of outrageous for what would the odds on Spurs being reaching the final this time of year. It would've been the group yeah they. They should've shouldn't really got through the group early stages then they had that gaming stocks what they've nearly out and got go back into the game won't be challenged team. You could do a spurs this year if he'd come from lower down in the in the odds to surprise. We're not necessarily win it but the big price lost his. They've lost some of their best players but I thought it would be going any further than those people is there are I'm not sure into Milan is absolutely they can't into sleep with you table.

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