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The first day of N. B. A. free agency was the day that Major League Baseball announced its all star finalists when you were listening to shows like the rich Eisen show when you were watching whatever sports shows that you were watching you tell me what got more run what was being discussed I guarantee it was the NBA and if the NBA ever decided not too started season in October but to slide it back a couple of months start in January a little later head into the summer man I'm telling you and I've heard it from baseball executives they be terrified if that were to happen seems like more more specially for those of us and and I am I'm a baseball lover I'm not a baseball basher any of the audience just tuning in today from San Diego you've heard me say something along these lines over the years but it is hyper regional to whatever market it is that you're talking about N. I. N. A. N. B. A. it would it would make me nervous if I were baseball that I get so overshadowed by this tsunami of NBA news forget about the NFL the NFL takes over everything but it makes me nervous that this summer we're talking about summer league the last couple of years Lonzo ball Diane Williamson who's who's not played imagine if he was imagine if Zayn William seven the New Orleans pelicans every night we're giving you some sort of highlight and what that would do to baseball I don't know that the NBA will do such a thing but I've heard it from baseball executives they're a little bit nervous they're all in the shadow when they're all secondary to the NFL but when you were losing headlines and market share so the NBA and your the quote unquote national pastime good luck

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