Youth Summit Postponed Due To Recent Mass Shootings


Two organizers are taking a hard look at security for an upcoming youth summit in the East Bay as KCBS is mad bigger reports live this morning that events now being postponed in the wake of recent mass shootings Susan B. Y. assemble youth conference not being held as planned this Saturday at Los McDonald's college in Pittsburgh where postpone it it's not counseled caution because the county supervisor federal Glover says they are re evaluating safety and security in the wake of three mass shootings in el Paso Dayton and in Gilroy you know there's so many copy cat out there today and we don't want a repeat of what has taken place another date for the summit will be selected and announce soon Glover tells KCBS when the event is finally held issues surrounding gun violence racism and immigration it will be on the agenda it will be a huge part of the conversation a number of the the topics was related to what's happened and our nation's capital

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