El Paso police say multiple people killed in shooting at shopping mall


We're waiting to find out more from el Paso Texas where multiple people have been shot and killed according to the mayor and suspects are in custody Steve it is unusual it appears if there are multiple shooters if the suspects that are in custody include multiple shooters that would be unusual usually these things are carried out by a lone gunman yes that we're we've been typically seeing only a a solo gunmen and in this case if there's more than one it doesn't sound that we know how many but more than one either you have a conspiracy which means that the planned this out bay it's somewhat organized we don't know how organized but just having to people as opposed to one means that there is organization and planning that goes with it and and and clearly they were able to commit the attack and they tell they can even be of more than one location which makes this even the little more complicated for the for the law enforcement agencies in fact police in el Paso said they're searching multiple scenes primarily the Walmart in el Paso but apparently there's also was seen at a at a mall of the shopping plaza there there is no active shooter currently according to police but police have said they have not yet rendered the scene safe Brad Garrett formally the FBI now an ABC news law enforcement contributors also with us what is that mean Brad if they they're confident there's no active shooter why is the scene not save because of think about where you are in your in your in a mall multiple stores in multiple places for people to hide explosives would be head wound so he you know part of that is is a safety do well in the end that's the obvious thing to call until you're actually the clear that there is nothing else involved they meet feel totally comfortable that one one one shooter in custody custody is there only that guy but until they figure that out you're gonna treat this is still a lackey see also people in line there and that you know in making comments about multiple currencies that may or may not be true in other words let's say that the bag I ran to the mall or the police are chasing somebody to the mall it's unrelated to the shooting sh so we'll have to see how that soldier they could have multiple locations on Moshi Jesse knows that that sort of Kennedy that this point right in the Walmart there in el Paso seems to be the prime location it's a recent addition to the shopping mall world this unfolded el Paso's oldest and one of the most popular in fact the of the the balls pretty popular with Mexican Taurus to do their shopping on the US side of the border that take their goods back to Mexico and in the last what our or to the scene of the latest Nash shooting in this country the mayor of el Paso has confirmed now to ABC news there are multiple fatalities and suspects in custody how many suspects is not immediately clear but the we do have some indication that it's multiple whether it's more than one shooter we're not sure ABC news chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas is with us from Washington on what he knows Pierre it's a very dangerous situation federal authorities were initially told that there might be again fog of war potential moldable shooter that's why there's so much concern about the the first responders even though they may have reports again of a person in custody a law enforcement officials were concerned again that there were multiple shooters also I was told by a number sources that there were multiple people injured multiple people injured they were concerned about giving the actual number because it was so early in the situation but again the possibility of multiple shooters possibility of multiple multiple people injured we expected to federal authorities will be joining the local authorities to help assess the situation give them support as needed as you reported a TF is on the scene we expect to be on to be asked to participate as well again that these situations have been very much on the mind of local and federal law enforcement the recently because of the spate of active shooter instant we've been having across the country one organization that monitors thing say that we've had more than two hundred such incidents so far this year were more than four people have been shot in a single sitting so Congress ongoing situation very dangers and unfortunately part of a trend that we're seeing national and here as you were reporting this we were seen the images of some of those injured people being taken off basically on on on Rolling tables through the mall people covered in blood we we know that I know you mentioned that they want to give an exact number but some of the initial reports we were hearing that more than a dozen people were injured we see a woman here clearly you she she has she's covered in blood here this is just one of the many victims we understand at the shooting this is an ongoing situation right now Pierre but let's talk about where this gunman targeted it's a mall there's a Walmart there it's a summer Saturday the mall was filled with people as we see more images coming in from eye witnesses mall police el Paso police running through the mall clearly there were several people here several targets fear well and this is what one would call a soft target again we know nothing about motive it could be work place it could be terrorism could be any number of things we just don't know yet but in these situations what the law enforcement their standard protocol now is to find the shooter or shooters and to prevent more carnage and then they try to get the root the first responders in there to assist those who have been injured but it's it's a nightmare scenario you have a close Saturday morning people are shopping a potentially getting prepared for back to school at all sorts of things and you so much so that with a gun it is this an area of law enforcement unfortunately the train for but it is a situation is extremely dangerous so I can only imagine those images that your three top our chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas speaking a moment ago to my colleague Tom Yanis on the ABC news television network as we continue our coverage here on the radio I'm Erin to Turkey we are joined by Steve Gomez and Brad Garrett both formerly of the FBI and now ABC news law enforcement contributors Steve let's pick up on the on the theme that that that up here we sharing the idea of a shopping mall as a soft target or Walmart it is scenario for law enforcement officials always very scary and we've been in law enforcement and very concerned about the malls because depending on the season at the time of day or night yeah a mall can be heavily crowded large crowds which means a lot of people and if somebody's looking to commit the tack and to you know arm as many people as possible a mall is going to be a perfect location for them some mauls have more security than others under a lot of entrances and exits there could there could be a lot of chaos there there tend to be a lot of security guards in some places and and cameras and so on but still it's so wide open and that's one of the difficulties with malls in the Walmart especially you you got a lot of people that go to Walmart large lot of crowd and got a lot of files which makes it very difficult to detect the suspect or suspects and in fact police in el Paso have said they are convince now there is no longer an active shooting situation there after multiple fatalities multiple people shot but they have not yet become convinced that the scene is secure as they continue to go through the Walmart which seems to be the primary shooting scene and then the rest of the shopping mall the the oldest that they get a Vista shopping mall the oldest and in el Paso frequented by Mexican Taurus often to do their shopping than go back across the border as it's still very much an active scene this is one you have reached from ABC news I'm Erin could Turkey multiple people have been shot and killed at a shopping mall in el Paso much of the gun fire appears to have taken place inside a Walmart at a mall popular with Mexican tourists and American citizens alike the shopping mall is el Paso's oldest and one of its busiest it came under fire earlier this afternoon by one may be more gunman stories in el Paso have confirmed to us there are multiple suspects in custody but it's not clear there are multiple shooters were still waiting for the police to give us some more information a TF is on its way other agencies undoubtedly will respond later this afternoon but we do know now according to the mayor of el Paso multiple people have been shot and killed after a Walmart and a shopping mall came under

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