Multiple fatalities in shooting at WalMart in El Paso, Texas


Armed officers running through the shopping mall as they try to get this scene under control in el Paso were multiple people have been shot and killed the Walmart has issued a statement expressing it shock the governor of Texas has issued his thoughts and prayers but does this scant information comes from the mayor and the police which believe there are maybe one shooter but up multiple suspects arrested and multiple fatalities multiple people shot and killed there in el Paso Brad Garrett formally the FBI and now a an ABC news contributor is is on with us Brad I I mean a rather of let's go to Steve Gomez formerly of the FBI in an ABC news contributor in its own right Steve as the authorities try to get a handle on this they're they're going to have to go through the entire mall I would imagine in order to be convinced that the scene is safe exactly there's there's so much despair information that we've been receiving which means that that thing kind of information is being received by law enforcement so out of an abundance of caution they are going to be sure that they have a good perimeter set up around the mall around Walmart and whatever other nearby area and then they're gonna go into each shop each quality each room one by one and in a methodical manner to make sure that there is nobody hiding in that in that whole area there and and and that's the complication with reports of multiple suspect and the war reports of multiple gunshot if that's the kind of information that they are receiving from the witnesses that they have been providing information that it it takes some time fortunately to really get a handle on what is happening but that's what they have to do they have to be methodical about it because you know the worst case scenario is that you don't go through that process I need somebody gets away there are multiple people that have been shot and killed at a Walmart and shopping mall in el Paso Texas and a a police officer has told us that there is at least one shooter in custody but other suspects that have also been arrested there is no longer an active shooting scene we're told by there are officers that have been seen running through the mall as they try to clear it to render it safe and we're not sure exactly what how many people at this stage have been shot and killed shot and injured we have seen a number of images of people with blood on their faces and running for for cover as people were just out shopping in a mall and a Walmart on a Saturday afternoon when the gunfire rang out we know the FBI and the a TF are on their way is the federal government contributes resources the White House says the president has been briefed the governor of Texas has offered his thoughts and prayers but officers in el Paso were the ones that are primarily responding right now to this scene and the officers with el Paso police have advised anybody to stay away from the mall certainly understandable the democratic presidential candidate battle Rourke represented all Paso said the shooting was truly heartbreaking Leon Castro the other Texan of the race is also he expressed his outrage at the shooting as all manner of politicians now come to respond but mainly the work is with the police and the law enforcement officials who are trying to render the mall safe we have seen images of armed officers running through the shopping mall running through that Walmart as they try to get a handle on exactly what happened and how many people have been shot and killed we do know that it's multiple and at one person at least is in custody maybe others after this rampage of the shopping mall in el Paso Texas I'm Erin could her ski your listening to live coverage from ABC news Brad Garrett formally the FBI now ABC news contributor is on with us now as this shopping mall is that the scene of the latest mass shooting in the country bred up in and it's it's so insidious because it people just walking around going shopping on a Saturday afternoon right and that sort of the sums up mass shootings as far as I'm concerned because by and large they're soft targets like a mall like a school I'll like a place of employment where you know they're not designed to be presto deal and or or foreboding together to go to and so as a result it's sort of for lack of words sort of open season for would be Nash shooters to go to these locations it in so that you know the sad reality Erin is that you're you're mistaken a stop shooters like this you know what you know about them in advance now no longer Forsman obviously it's one of the many things are doing right now is the shooter what his background do we know anything about it which is not in excess but always been our fear for years that you know one mass shooting could potentially trigger another only because of the mindset of

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