Fans are best used during humid heat waves, study says


Summers not over yet and temperatures are still very very high certainly here today in over the weekend in case you only have a fan to help cool you off you should know that when it's likely to help in was likely not to help US environmental protection agency recommends that people not use fans when the heat index temperature that's a combination of the temperature and humidity when it climbs over ninety nine degrees Fahrenheit the World Health Organization and U. S. centers for disease control and prevention they both warn that fans don't help people stay cool enough when the temperature hits ninety degrees Fahrenheit or even higher than that new study from the university of Sydney they found that under hot and humid conditions as the heat index fans lowered the participants core body temperature and reduce the heat related strain on the heart as well as improve their formal comfort however in hot and dry conditions fans increased body temperature the strain on the heart and thermal discomfort to the researcher who let all this said that fans at any temperature up to one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit whether some kind of humidity they're beneficial but as the temperature goes higher than that it's a it's dry and the fans are progressively less useful and potentially detrimental do yourself a favor and just get an air conditioner you have to worry about all of this

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