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BIG3 basketball 2019: How to watch Week 6 of Ice Cube's 3-on-3 league on CBS Sports Network


Five one nine eight nine nine two two six Clinton facts tonight Morales against Nova are pre game at five thirty Chris had a very Korean Danny with the play by play at six ten points won the opener on Thursday three home runs for Nelson Cruz that was a home runs in four consecutive games he adds another one last night mags Kapler a three run bomb early twins crew six to the final and good pitching performances out of burritos end of big money Mike Pineda went seven innings last night once again twins when it's six to two so we'll see your progress can I keep the starters on a role for the twins more on that a little bit later on Minnesota United FC bad connection this long your Eric you know they talk about MLB pitchers and catchers go to camp the end of February the game start now end of February but there's no doubt the balloon started training way back in the winter months they started out on the road in March this season runs through October yeah they have their own marathon going on and really right now it's two seasons in one remember Minnesota United has reached the semifinals of the U. S. open Cup which is played during the regular season of MLS and they're gonna play Portland in a few weeks in the cop but of more importance is what they've got going on tonight at the soccer cathedral known as Ollie ons feel they will host the Vancouver Whitecaps Vancouver twenty points tied for last in the MLS west they are winless in their last ten matches all six and four Minnesota by the way thirty four points and right there in the thick of the playoff chase in the M. L. S. west of course the wounds of never made the postseason and Stevie T. if you count MLS matches and U. S. open Cup play menu has an eight game on beacon street dating back to early June so on paper this looks like a slam dunk a lay up you'll pick your analogy but these are the games that can be dangerous they need to clean three here they don't get a clean three they could drop in the standings quickly yeah and that is quite a story considering how dreadful they were on the road in years one and two in Major League Soccer they they have certainly found the right formula on the road it is it is a good story and I think apply all appearance I would reward these fans really been on board since the days and blame when they played in the north American soccer league and made the move to MLS and once again Ali on field continues to get rave reviews and they they've been able to improve the product in there was a lot of talk of between year two and year three in the move Dalian's feel and how they needed upgrade any you've got to give Adrian heath well I think was on the hot seat many ogle's probably on the hot seat doctor bill McGuire the majority partner right the the front man if you will for Minnesota United FC is a competitive guy and they needed to improve so not only it's just new stadium that's gonna wear off at some point in time you have to have a winning product this sports market is way too competitive and there's a lot of people that know the sports market Chris right came over from the timber wolves now is the president over there they know that it is hard to maintain that you know once you build the base putting a product on the field that wins games is very important yeah it's it's a saturated sports market no doubt about it the pie is sliced into a lot of smaller pieces with the exception of the purple that's the total eclipse of the sun when the Minnesota Vikings or start playing as they have now in training camp but I I think your point is well taken yeah they knew they were going and Ali on field this season there would be a honeymoon with the new venue and they've sold out all the MLS matches but guess what they need to make the postseason and now they've been playing well enough for the fan base is suddenly saying yeah we expected because if you look at the team Minnesota United came in with two years ago it Lana United FC they won the Cup last year they were averaging seventy thousand fans a game down at Mercedes Benz stadium so their expansion because in Atlanta already has won the Cup LA F. C. came in last year and L. A. S. C. has quickly morphed into a power in MLS so if you compare Minnesota United to recent expansion teams the bar of expectation is high and I realize every franchise goes about building a team a different way Minnesota United been a little more conservative in in the way they've allocated in gold out their cash but it's time to cash in on your right about bill McGuire he he knows they got to get it done because this honeymoon will landed Ollie ons but what a wonderful venue it is in Vancouver's there tonight and don't forget on September third Megan Rapinoe Alex Morgan and company the U. S. women the World Cup winners times too we'll be here to play Portugal in that victory tour that's gonna be a fun night yeah and and Megan do in interviews talk show appearances why not I exactly I I know I'm gonna try to get out there and see that match I I might even get an Alex Morgan Jersey in where I love Alex Morgan here's the thing about Major League Soccer go they they've been in this period of rapid expansion of rapid growth they they finally reached critical mass of fuel causes leagues been around awhile and they finally got to the point where teams are building facilities white collar young's field they've they want to get on board they want to get into the mix but the simple fact of the matter is that they're getting good players but it's still not a league that both the best players in the world and going forward for me that this challenge because when it comes to American football as players in the world are in the NFL they're not in the CFL they're not playing overseas the NBA the NHL M. L. B. the one thing you can say and for that matter the PGA tour you could argue that there are quality players on the European tour there are quality players on the Asian tour but as a whole the best players in the world are on the PGA tour so when it comes to American sports I believe that's a gigantic challenge for M. L. as in Major League Soccer going forward because they can't say that that the best players in the world there there are good players there are maybe some players that had great careers Wayne Rooney comes to mind who plays here but he's he's on the downside of his career that's the challenge from melos going forward they can't say with the other leagues can say no and eventually I I think they're going to have to get to that level it's going to take a while they're there sure of these new soccer specific venues has helped because what you have or wonderful facilities that are fan friendly and I I think the athletes like performing in them but it but but you have major leagues in Italy you have up the army ranger leagues in Spain and drive in America and then of course the premier league all you yeah that's exactly right so it's going to be a much bigger challenge to get to the point that point on some level where you can say yup we have the best players in the world or some of the best players in the world I don't think I'm as can say they are not yet wind in Britain for me that's that's a challenge competing in in the big picture in the Markham what's they will need at some point in time by the weather up to twenty four franchises right Austin Texas comes in next year so they're gonna get a football club as they like to say Miami with David Beckham is part of the ownership group now there's a little splash for you back bend it like Beckham so he'll be down in South Florida that's going to put him up to twenty six and I know there are other cities they want in on this like Detroit I think San Diego was expressed in San Diego and I don't know so yeah there are a number of others but well as it could get to thirty right now I think that's probably pretty much that's kind of the number N. B. A.'s at thirty NHL's thirty one NFL's thirty two M. L. B.'s thirty right gel soon to be thirty two yes yeah the Seattle Sakai's that's what I'm hoping they're called but it but here's my point eligible make one they're gonna need at some point to you know kind of a get into what you were touching on Stevie T. if you go back in time this is old school but what put the AFL on the map with the NFL getting guys like Joe Namath and Bobby bell and taking them from the NFL so MLS is gonna need to do that at some point and get some starts from the European premier league or elsewhere and have them come over here to the states and in Canada there's a few teams in Canada as well my opinion not gonna happen not gonna happen in your life times not gonna happen in my lifetime not gonna happen in any of your kids lifetimes the reason why is because this country is I wouldn't say they're fractured with their resources but you talk about other countries around the world what is the number one sport what is the number one athletic endeavor that is in most of these countries around the world it is not basketball it is not American football it is not baseball is not hockey it is it is international football it is soccer and you are not going to have the ground swell that you would in England or Spain or Germany or Brazil or Australia or Japan for most of these other sports then you will for international football they are there's just nothing the yeah these these the papers over there if if you have a cricket match a rugby match that'll that'll garner some headlines football F. U. T. B. O. L. is going to be the main source of your sports page it's not going to be the M. L. B. home run chase is not going to be the patriots going for another Super Bowl it's not going to be whether lebron James can make the Lakers a title contender it is going to be soccer yeah so I I agree Jonathan we we are not going to get to that level in this country it would it would just not an astronomical financial package and also recruiting somebody with the pitch of come over here and raise the level of the MLS with your name your they they would need the the money that you would need to get for them for that you're not get yes you're gonna get probably two three four five times that in Europe people like Cristiano Ronaldo Leonardo messy little messy is one the best players in the world and he's from Argentina they can't get him to stay in Argentina and Brazil and that area Chile that part of the world and they are soccer mad that's because the money is in Europe not going to get that kind of money I anywhere else on the globe I I can remember when the Vikings played the Steelers in twenty thirteen in London and I went over to the UK and the day before I saw Chelsea and Tottenham played the old Hotspur venue and we walked through the player's parking lot on our way out of the stadium and while what they drive I thought it was impressive what I've seen at winter park in the TCM Lamborghinis yeah whatever the thing he's rolls Royces porches I was like holy buckets these guys are doing well in into you know what Jonathan is saying about the coverages true because after that Viking Steelers game at Wembley the twenty thirteen game another break is but the Browns as well over there and it was a great game at eighty thousand fans next day pickup the London tabloids it's all soccer I mean all soccer some rugby I know it about page thirty there was a story on the Steelers in the Vikings and blind I know commissioner Goodell didn't like it but that's the way it is three twenty one here at C. C. O.

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