A Very Special Call From Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones


Hello, bob and Tom show. Oh yes, this is Jerry Jones. I just want to say I share in your pain. Even 24 hours in the hot tub that seats 12 say black Texas stadium can't take the sting away. What is owner of the nellis cowboys? Absolutely intend to turn this pain into progress. This off season I'll approach the NFL competition committee with the rule that's long overdue. I believe it's only the dad has cowboys when you're that close to the Super Bowl. And you've not been there since Danny Favre. I believe in the sake of fairness, there should be an option to buy your way. That's a good idea. That sounds fair to me. Last but not least, there is an upside as owner of the Dennis Campbell as we have good news regarding our kicker. I've been told he's on match dot com and already this off season he's found miss rat. But his owner of the Danish capital is still so sick of this moment. Hang on. Let's schedule an appointment for me at that massage parlor rubber craft recommend. No, no, no, not under my name. Let's put it under white Phillips.

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