Tom Brady Retires... Again


To the final segment today. I think we're going to take into and it is also again New York Post play this out very well. If you're looking at it, it says we miss you, Tommy. And this is the retirement of Tom Brady for the second time. I run it, not an ironically, I think he probably planned this. It came on the same day he retired last year. Oh, weird. Who would have thought Tom? Look, the post has had some incredible front pages on Tom Brady over the years and some good something bad. I mean, I was going back through some of these James and looking at and frankly, I'd almost forgotten about the flight gate. You know, of course. The balls and anything going by my brain. Anyway, Tom Brady retired. I think he will retire this year. I think he, I think, probably in, you know, look, I'm not getting anybody else's business, you know, for that matter, but you wonder if he really at the end of this year thought, well, maybe should have done it. Hindsight is 2020, hot dog. Yeah. Every month. But now he is, you know, the rumor, you know, again, he's got a ten year already signed contract with fathers. I mean, 375 million or something like that. This is to show you this is interesting. He's the greatest quarterback of all time. I mean, player, you know, that goes. Of course. He might like 324 million playing football. He's gonna make 375 million and I was total in his football career, 20 something years. He's gonna make ten year prior to 375 million sitting in a booth with Fox and he's never been in the booth before. Yeah, I mean, this is like. But don't you feel, I mean, don't you just know Greg Olsen's like saying, really, man? Really? Yeah. You know? Well, first of all, Greg Olson got his shot on the big stage and he blew it. Was a disaster. But he's been Greg Olsen's fun. He's actually from my neck of the Woods. They play, we used to get our tails handed to us in football by them. I think it was Wayne in northern Holland. I don't know. But this is what I think today, because Tom Brady says he's not Russian of the booth, right? He wants to spend time with his kids and all the other lies he's telling. Because he can take a gap year. I mean, it's open to whenever he wants to come. I mean, isn't that crazy? Yeah, a contractor just whenever you want to show up. Yeah, somebody calls me up and be like, hey, any time you want to show up, here's your tears, $10 million. $365 million for ten years. You're like, okay, cool. I'll see you in a couple years. I'm going to take some time off. That's like winning the lottery and then saying, why don't you just hold my ticket for a couple of months?

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