A highlight from Chris Parkinson Co-founder and CTO of RealWear on Voice Controlled Applications for Industrial Workers - Voicebot Podcast Ep 287


This is episode two 87 of The Voice by podcast. My guest today is Chris Parkinson cofounder and CTO of real ware. We talk AR and voice control for industrial applications. Welcome back voice by nation. This is Brett Keller. You're hosted The Voice by podcast for the past 5 years. We have brought you a weekly interview with a true innovator in the voice and conversational AI space. Today we have a first time guest and a voice UI approach that we have not previously spoken about. So I think that will intrigue you. I've known Chris Parkinson for nearly 20 years and he's always at the front end of providing practical applications of new technology. Real wear has more than 80,000 units in the field, and they help make workers more productive in the automotive manufacturing or gas, healthcare, variety of other industries. Even more interesting for our community, the product was hands free and voice first from the outset. There are a lot of companies offering smart glasses and headsets for industrial and manufacturing use cases. But many are stuck in this cycle of test and learn. It's like the perpetual proof of concept. Real ware is being used in production. That's what impressed me, and that's why I wanted to talk to Chris. In addition, you may think you know what AR is. It's an acronym, right? However, you might be surprised at how it is defined at real wear. Let me know if you think about that. And it's their new take on an old acronym.

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