A highlight from AI Revolution: Disruption, Alignment, and Opportunity



Experiences creation where amongst 65 or 70 million people is just part of the way it goes. You really want to think about, okay, what's somewhat possible today? What do you see glimpses of today? If this is like, you have to fill out a thousand pages of paperwork and get 15 different licenses from different bodies to make an AI system, that's never going to work. Entertainment is like this two trillion dollar a year industry. And like the dirty secret is that entertainment is imaginary friends that don't know you exist. And I wouldn't bet against startups in a general sense there. It's so early. The AI revolution is here. But as we collectively try to navigate this game -changing technology, there are still many questions that even the top builders in the world are grappling to answer. That is why A16Z recently brought together some of the most influential founders from open AI, Anthropic, Character AI, Roblox and more to an exclusive event called AI Revolution in San Francisco. Today's episode continues our coverage of this event as we discuss the very real world impact of this revolution on industries ranging from gaming to design and the considerations around alignment along the way. Now, if you missed part one, do yourself a favor and keep that up next so that you can eavesdrop on these top builders breaking down the current economics of this wave. Plus, whether scaling laws will continue and how these models will evolve to capture more of the world around us. Plus, if you'd like to listen to all the talks in full today, head on over to A16Z .com slash AI Revolution.

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