A highlight from Matt loves Saturdays because next comes Sunday and he does nothing. Rich suggested to Matt to take a break from breathing so he doesnt get tired. Preacher Matt gives a positive message so you better listen! Episode #412 August 12th. 2023


Hello divine people, August 12th, episode 4 -12th, 2023, from East Mike Ridge, from this beautiful Saturday right here, and we are enjoying it, I love Saturday, I think the weather is going to be just like every day in Florida, yeah, and do you know what it is or do you want me to share with you, I mean you study that, well why don't I share it with you, weather today is going to get up to 91 degrees, that seems to be the number every day, no, no, I mean I'm just giving you what's reported, in a low of 75 with winds about 16 miles an hour, what is the pressure in 3 ,000 miles, I don't know but I can tell you this, what about 5 ,000 meters, I don't know, I don't measure things in meters, why did you ask me in feet, ask me in feet, 16 ,000 feet, I don't know, I have no idea what it is, you just say a big pressure, ok, yeah that's it, big pressure, but I know this too, yes, that it is going to rain somewhere today, I think it's going to rain on and off, on and off, on and off, like cats and dogs, there you go, weather from Rich and Matt, that's the Saturday, most people are going to be on the beach, they will be enjoying the hot weather, yeah and the sunscreen, you know, hopefully they are smart, they are smart at drinking water and if you run out of it, you let us know, because official sponsor of this show is, nobody else, then beachesos .com, we are here for your beach needs and maybe even somewhere else, doesn't matter, just let us know whatever items you like from our website beachesos .com, we bring you to our stylish mini fire truck with lights on, and you always forget with the big red cup on top, you can't miss it, I just don't want to tell them everything, you just want me to be able to say that, yeah well I want them to have a surprise when there is, you know, the truck pulls around the corner with lights on, they go, what the hell, they didn't mention the cup on it, so it's a surprise, yeah I'm surprised, so that's, now you know everything, right, now also we want to thank Julian Bruce, Tera Kittera, Patchouli Music, thank you very much for all the tunes, then we want to remind you it's wellness month, August, and if you thinking, you know, do something for yourself, don't forget, you know, when it's raining on and off, maybe it's a good thing to seek massage, maybe reflexology or facial, and we have perfect spot for you which is called Divine Spa, just do your research, best rated spa in April, next to our coffee and wine bar, Divine April's Coffee and Wine Bar, here on 4th Avenue South, and if you interested to get $500, it's free, yeah, technically, we just have to print them, right, yeah, we've been talking about printing, $500, it's easy action, you just click on something and you print something, yeah, you need a printer though, maybe not, might not be that easy for some people, no, I think that they also, like electronic coupon, you know what I'm gonna do for you, how about, can they, are they electronically be able to be presented on their cell phone, yeah, but let me tell them first that they can find it, yeah, because they don't know, okay, go ahead, because you didn't tell them, did you, no, because you don't even know, I don't know, now you don't know, because I tell you where they are, you know what I'm gonna do, yes, because you're gonna, I'm gonna go, hey, I know where these coupons are, ask you to print them off for me, yeah, right here, at the coffee shop, after I tell you where they are, right, they are divineapals .com forward slash discount dash coupons, that's where you go for them, $500, that's right, so, use them, I'm exhausted every single time I do this, yeah, well, take a deep breath there, big boy, yeah, I know, you're much bigger, you're much bigger than I, don't worry about it, you're taking more real estate here in the studio than I, you breathe more than I, I told you so many times, take a break, you're breathing all the time, I've got so much breath going in and out, I don't know which one's more powerful, the one that you going out, my hair is moving, sometimes it comes in the batches of sausage, onion and some other, sometimes you can hear me approaching from a block away, can't you, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, do you feel the energy sometimes though, without even anything being said, yeah, but I don't want to say I feel it because then you will feel powerful, yeah, I'm not powerful, I just go around and wherever I go, I make my presence, that's you, you do a very good job at that, yeah, you know and built they tsunami alarm system in Naples now, yeah, maybe they need, what do you call those things that could be out in the water, breakers that stop waves from coming in, yeah, what do they call those things, I don't know, they call those things breakers, the army engineers build things like that to keep, you know, storm surges coming in or whatever, you know what, you think Naples needs one of those for me, yes they do, we know more things than that, I know so much that I forget what I know, okay, alright, so keep that in mind, let me ask you a question, well I'm just going to let you continue with some of the information you have, I don't know if you have something on the menu or something you want to share, well I have a lot of information, okay, yeah, because it's Saturday, I'm full of information because I'm what, because you're a genius, that's correct, thank you, you also interviewed, and you know that I'm just joshing around, I love you to death, I just want to push your buttons before I take off and enjoy my Saturday, well what are you going to do, I don't know, because tomorrow I Sabbath, so maybe I'm going to Sabbath take a day off before I Sabbath, well I work tomorrow, I work every day, I work 28 hours a day, and I'm going to try to teach you how to, yeah I forgot, you have your own calendar and how that's right, you defy time and space, exactly right, it has to be mathematically able to calculate the, sure it sounds like, what do you call it, the thing, the curve, I'm thinking that you're just being like a lot of our educators and then coming up with a new math, no, 2 plus 2 is 5, listen I learned it from the guy, what is his name, I don't know he's got a name though, Fauci, he said we have to get behind the curve, 2 weeks, I learned about curves in baseball, you throw a curve, no I learned it because he said 2 weeks and it is 3 years and still not behind the curve, that's alright, yeah we can't get that time back though so let's just move forward right, I'm moving forward but I'm learning from the past I and just want to say even people look at their lives or whatever and maybe it's been messy from time to time and you've made mistakes or whatever and you know what, you can't do anything and turn around and change it but you can learn from it and so just learn from any mistakes or things that you've done and just move forward, we just want to be positive here at divinenapels .com and the whole purpose of this show and just the whole organization and everything we've got going is to build community and to see people live a healthy and happier life and primarily we focus on small businesses because small business is actually the life of a community and it makes things happen and every dollar that you spend here at a local business, 70 % of that dollar or 70 cents and maybe plus or and that makes us economically vibrant and so we want to be here to lift everybody up so we like to joke around and all that stuff and we want to be entertaining but we really want you to know that we have a genuine heart for your well being and with that I'll turn it over before I get chastised for talking too much, no I'm just enjoying that, it sounds so intelligent you almost sometimes look like genius, well I've told you many times before that I'm only half as stupid as I look, yeah I agree with that, on Saturdays and the other day is more than half, well why don't you get to share, I want to continue what he said, I think it's very important for people to understand that they are not here by themselves and we have to work together on everything we're doing here in this community and we have to help each other and we've always been doing it and the perfect example was when we got flooded with waters and so much support we got from our own community and people donated and helped and came and we had police department, they brought us food, dinner every night because we had no electricity, we had no way to heat up anything, there was no food, nothing, refrigerator was, you know we lost so much money in the freezer and all our equipment and we used to feed them when Fauci virus hit and they didn't have nowhere to go, we were here open for them, we never shut down the business, we were here for first responders and we said it many times in our podcast, how does it work, so you can kind of replay and refresh your memory but the time when you need it and then they turn back and says we didn't this is what community is about and I tell you what, there were moments when the tears were pushed really deep back in the head because you know when you see losing almost everything that we have and collected four businesses in one building, it was a great idea, I didn't want to get skinny so that's why we put all the businesses in a building because I didn't want to run around too much and then we got flooded and everything was lost and you see friends and you see people that came and helped and you know they've been there for us and I think it's just wonderful when we realize that the community is here even in bad times and if somebody is busy and forget about it, you know just stop, take it 15, we again explain what 15 means and what you should be doing because here we are, divaenapels .com, building community, if you know anyone who has a story, if you know anyone who has a passion that for the running business, you know somebody who has been around for a while, know the old stories about Naples and how it used to be the life and everything, please let them know, send them email, send us email or send them our link and send us email at info at divaenapels .com or you know DM that means direct message on any social media, we would love to invite those people to our studio or on the phone, we will figure out how to you know connect with them, we'll make it happen and just record forever the stories right and share them with the whole world, so that's the whole idea why we're doing this, nevertheless we have 23 websites we can tell you about on Monday, yeah and what I want to just reflect on that real quick, real short is the reaping and sewing process and because you reaped and sewed into their lives and provided a community and substance and food and things for them during a hard time, when it hit you, they reciprocated and came and helped you and so we kind of want to just you know give off that vibe and promote that type of vibe with everybody, treat people the way you would like to be treated and I think we'd see a lot of change you know in ourselves individually, in our families, in our business, in our communities and let's just see Naples lead the way and all of Southwest Florida, it's that simple, there you go, that just what are we doing and what are you listening here, it's just one of our beginnings, we have so many things ready for you that you will never get rid of Divine Naples, yeah and divineapals .com is here to stay, we've been here for 13 years, yeah so let me continue what we have normally in the program and that is we introduce one of our meals every single time that we do podcasts, sometimes we forget, but we created menu during the beginnings that every meal has a story and a lot of them you know were created because people couldn't travel so we want to make them feel like they're sitting somewhere in Europe in different city enjoying the meal and you know just want to wouldn't them to just feel like they don't have to spend two thousand dollars for ticket and they feel like traveling and going home in their own bed, yeah so here is our meal that is breakfast and it's really interesting platter with the egg that is cut in the top, you dig it out, you know out of the shell, yeah out of the shell, when was the last time you had that, I have it, your grandma, yeah, yeah that is like what, my mother did it for me a couple 55 years ago, soft -boiled eggs, but this I didn't ever get the chance to do the hard -boiled type, I like it, was it 55 years ago, maybe 70.

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