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What Bitcoin Did


You can imagine a world in which people actually have more power than institutions and governments. Bitcoin has the ultimate power in making the world a better place for people. Hello there from sunny Bedford. Hope you're all doing well. Got a nice weekend planned ahead. Obviously for me, it's going to be football weekend. We've got home games for the men's hopefully getting through to the next round. And our ladies who won every game this season, they're going to be playing some Auburn. So it's a busy weekend of football for me and obviously talking about Bitcoin to people. We've actually got a meetup at the game tomorrow. So if you get in this early and if you're in and around Bedford, you want to come down, come down to Bedford. We're going to talk about Bitcoin before the game. Anyway, welcome to the What Bitcoin Did podcast, which is brought to you by the absolute legends at RS Energy, the largest NASDAQ listed Bitcoin miner using 100 % renewable energy. I'm your host, and today I've got my buddy Nick Bartier back on the podcast to get into all things macro and Bitcoin. Now, when we planned our trip to Australia, Nick was a very obvious person to ask to come out and take part in the live event. And while we're there, we took the opportunity to record another show with him. And the legend he is, he absolutely delivered. Now, the first time I spoke to Nick was about four years ago. I met him in LA. I can't believe it. It's gone so quickly. But Nick has always been a solid person to have on the podcast over the years. And as ever, he absolutely killed it. He has a very good and simple way of explaining complicated macro stuff, which I know some of you listeners love. So big thanks to Nick for coming out to Australia and for all the support he's given the podcast over the years. And if you haven't checked out his book, please do go and get it. It's an amazing book, and Nick is an amazing asset to Bitcoin. Also, if you've got any questions about this or anything else, please do hit me up. My email is hello at whatbitcoindid .com. Just a few things outside. We're going to be heading out to LA in about 10 days. It's gone around so quick. Actually, even soon. I think it's nine days. Going to be heading out to Pacific Bitcoin. But we're also going to be doing some interviews there. With regards to the two films we've made, Argentina's in the final edit. That should be released in the coming week, maybe two weeks, but the coming week. And then we will move into editing the Lebanon film. Two amazing films. Just, I mean, not the films are amazing, not that we're privileged to have gone out to these places and made these films. And just another big thanks to RS Energy for sponsoring all this because without their support, I couldn't have done this. Okay, on to Nick. Hope you enjoy the show.

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