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There are three crypto sectors which I believe are going to be the pillars of next cycle and thus I am positioning my portfolio concentrated around these three sectors. In front of you on the screen right now, you can see the historical snapshot of the market during the peak of the 2017 bull run. Take a look around, look at the top 50. How many coins here didn't end up featuring in the 2021 bull run? You've got Lisk, you've got Omizgo, you've got Stratus, BitShares, Ardor, Hyper Cash, Bytecoin etc. All these ancient relics ended up fading into oblivion come the 2021 cycle where we saw coins like Polkadot, coins like Terra, Avalanche, Solana all outperform and exhibit massive gains versus their old counterparts. So if you go into this next cycle investing in the old relics of last cycle and not addressing the current problems we have in crypto right now, I think you are in for a rude awakening come the next bull run. So instead, why not focus on the biggest problems of next cycle? Be preemptive here and start anticipating what some of the biggest upcoming trends are going to be. Then you can reverse engineer that process and start building the foundational blocks of your portfolio now setting yourself up for success in next cycle. So today I want to talk about three major verticals that I am eyeing in crypto and I'm three of the biggest sectors next cycle. I'm also going to give you coin picks from each of these sectors and give you my strategy with each individual category. Without further ado, let's get straight into the video. Now the first major sector in crypto that I think is undeniable as the driving force behind crypto's price performance and also the lifeblood of a lot of the market is simply speculation. I mean just think about it, humans are innately gamblers. The entire premise of stock market's growth over the last century has essentially been people speculating on asset prices going up in the future. Crypto is the biggest and most accessible casino in the world so when it comes to human speculation it is definitely well positioned for significant upside. Now as long as humans exist I believe that their desire to speculate will exist because humans are innately gamblers and for that reason I'm bullish on human greed. So when it comes to crypto how can you position yourself on the premise that humans will want to speculate next cycle? Well in my opinion there are really two growth verticals here when it comes to human speculation. Yes it is the most basic of the three narratives of today's video but it is also the most obvious one. Crypto's use case whether we like it or not is gambling and is speculation and for that reason you can divide this up into a gambling platforms that facilitate people's ability to speculate and two platforms like DEXs that allow people to speculate on the market specifically. So when it comes to gambling platforms I think it's undeniable like rollbit for example has been a major prominent pillar of this sector given the fact that it's been able to do over 25 million dollars of 30 -day casino revenue and as a result has burnt 5 .3 million dollars worth of rollbit tokens. This is an example of a protocol that is really primed to capture that human greed factor considering it offers a casino product, a crypto futures product and a sports revenue product. I haven't seen many other great gambling platforms in crypto launch so for today's video I think rollbit is the obvious selection here but as they start to launch and as some better products start to come out in this niche definitely gambling platforms is something I have on my horizon because as I said I'm bullish on human greed. Now if you look at rollbit's fees you can also see that comparatively it stacks up pretty well to the rest of the market with it actually generating more in the past 30 days than the blockchain Tron, the biggest DEX on Ethereum Uniswap, the Bitcoin network, it's only behind ETH and Lido in terms of revenue generation so that's a super interesting vertical. Now the other vertical in terms of capturing speculation next cycle is of course the DEXs because if you view crypto as the ultimate casino then in this world the exchanges by default become the house. Now when retail comes back volume returns, volatility returns and more importantly risk appetite returns which in my opinion it inevitably will then the DEXs and the centralized exchanges are going to be the biggest beneficiaries but due to the recent regulations surrounding centralized exchanges and due to the transformative shift we have seen over the last few months from centralized exchange trading to DEX trading I think DEXs considering this environment are going to be some of the major beneficiaries when it comes to capturing revenue from what we call the crypto casino. So I am looking to position myself in the top DEXs in the market, the top -notch products which have a clean and intuitive UI because I believe that stickiness comes from a great user experience, a diverse range of trading pairs and prompt listings of the new hottest crypto coins and products, competitive fees and strong referral programs because we know exchanges like Bybit were built around really strong referral programs and a DEX is going to need to capture that in order to fully harness its growth potential. So at the end of the day it comes down to user experience when we can get a centralized exchange like experience on a DEX then I think there is really an incentive considering crypto regulation for people to actually use these DEXs. Now what are some of the products I'm looking at? GMX clearly has been one of the leaders in this sector, it's also heavily discounted in price since its highs, this is definitely one that I've got on my list. Gains network as well is another one that I've got on my list considering the fact that it supports 64 trading pairs, they've also got forex and commodities so it's not just crypto that you can speculate on on the blockchain and there's also a bunch of other features that they offer. They give up to 150x leverage, I mean that by definition appeals to the degens, they give 250x leverage on commodities and 1000x on forex in some cases, they also support collateral deposits up to 250k and DAI is also a stablecoin supported as collateral. They also have a few interesting features like lookbacks for better execution, one click trading for a better trading experience. So in terms of current trading products that are on the market right now in the DEX form, I think G -Trade and more broadly the Gains network team are doing a really good job at pioneering this space. Now of course Gains is a partner of the show, if you do want to trade on G -Trade there is a link in the description. If you haven't yet, I think you are missing out because it's an amazing trading experience and for those that are looking for a new trading home, I think this is one of the best products on the market right now. Another DEX that I'm looking at is DYDX. These guys are going for a really novel and pretty ambitious approach to solving the DEX problem with their own chain. They did decide to leave Ethereum and launch their own chain on Cosmos, that's super bold. If it fails, it could fail spectacularly but if it pays off, it could really pay off spectacularly due to the additional composability that deploying on Cosmos gives you over deploying an EVM application. So this could be a massive success, we don't know yet but if it is, it's definitely something that I'm interested in getting exposure to. Just keep in mind that there is a big token unlock coming. I am expecting DYDX to issue some sort of big announcement to try and offset some of the sell pressure but just keep in mind that there is a bunch of sell pressure coming and you're probably going to want to DCA slowly into this one as not to take on any unnecessary risk during a bear market. Now I've got one more option for you if you're interested in this whole speculation DEX narrative and that's say network. So you don't just have to bet on the specific DEXs, you can bet on the infrastructure, the platforms that are facilitating speculation and say by default is a layer one blockchain that is specifically being built for traders because they're offering fast finality which is very important when it comes to executing trading, a twin turbo consensus mechanism which is very important for the overall performance of the network, they have a native matching engine that allows exchange teams to leverage that to build their own exchange products and also they have front running protection built into the layer one blockchain. So pretty much what you need to know is say is a blockchain built specifically for trading applications and if you want exposure to this narrative this is definitely an interesting one. Price wise it's essentially been down only since its launch but this is one that I'm looking at accumulating maybe let's say over the next six months to a year slowly accumulating to position myself in this narrative I think say is a super interesting unique bet. Okay now let's get into sector number two and that is real world assets. DeFi has a big problem right now, the interest rates across the world have increased significantly since 2021 so there's less of an incentive to stake money in DeFi yield farms. I mean back in 2021 when interest rates were essentially zero people were desperate and they were starved for yield so they were parking capital in DeFi where you could get 10 to 20 percent of your stable coins, 20 to 30 percent on your ethereum. It was amazing right? Well those days are over and now for DeFi to succeed and become sustainable it's going to need avenues to attract capital into the ecosystem and I think the number one vertical for this is real world assets so that's essentially tokenizing assets like real estate gold collectibles cars and intangible assets like equities bonds carbon credits and trade finance and bringing it on chain in the form of a token and enabling users on chain to deposit into vaults to earn yield on real life assets so if that is a property it can be divisible into a bunch of tokens offered on chain so you can essentially invest into a property instead of going through the rigmarole of investing it in real life with big barriers to entry you can take a lesser barrier to entry and divide it up into a bunch of fractions to allow people to invest and earn yield on that property on chain but bonds are another example instead of having to go through a traditional trading house and centralized entities which take huge transaction and management fees you can go straight peer -to -peer on a DeFi or crypto product which allows you to invest in things like bonds and treasury bonds so it's super interesting the real world asset space and as you can see the boston consulting group expects this space to 26x from 0 .6 trillion dollars to 16 trillion dollars by the year 2030 with their high case so their bullish case being 68 trillion dollars which is 113 x from the current market cap of real world assets so this could potentially be a whole lot of money coming into the crypto ecosystem so clearly real world assets are a massive growth vertical and this is one that i'm interested in positioning myself towards because if we do see a massive influx of tokenized assets coming on chain this could be a huge attraction for new tbl to come into the crypto market now in terms of positioning myself for real world assets there's a few ways you can do it the first way is essentially betting on individual real world asset protocols and this is probably your most direct way but it's also the riskier because even if real world assets succeed if a specific protocol fails then your investment could still go to zero the safer way but the less upside way would simply to be to invest in the blockchains the l1s the l2s that you believe in and you think are going to be home to the tokenization of assets because at the end of the day these blockchains make sequencer fees and revenue which in some cases are paid back to holders so the overall value of the chain increases however as you guys know you're not getting as much upside of course so you've kind of got to decide whether you want to go for a protocol based approach or an infrastructure based approach i like to do a little bit of both because then i can capture some of the massive upside but i can also have some safer bets to hedge against some of the protocol specific bets in terms of protocol specific players my favorite ones fracks i've talked about this a lot in the past but they're doing a lot with their v3 they've got fracks lend they're not just a real world asset protocol they've got exposure to other niches as well to hedge as well so i do like fracks as a play this is my personal favorite one in the sector make it also interesting i don't own any and i'm not planning on buying any anytime soon but this has definitely been the the leader of this narrative considering that they've been able to accrue over 600 million dollars worth of vault value thanks to their importation of treasury yields on chain so this has been a really successful one but i'm also seeing many different real estate products collectibles marketplaces and super interesting products starting to launch in the real world asset space so this is definitely one where you want to keep some capital aside and look to position yourself in this one uh over the next few months this is definitely one of the biggest growth verticals next cycle especially if we can get anywhere close to that 68 trillion dollar figure that bcg did suggest as a potential growth target by the year 2030.

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