A highlight from SBF Trial: How Sam Bankman-Frieds Lawyers Might Try and Win His Case - Ep. 551



Very to dangerous call the defendant. However, you may be in a situation where the government puts their case on and you are going to lose. There is no way you're winning. You're only shot as a Hail Mary. Okay, let's put them on. The other side of the coin is it's very powerful when a defendant testifies. It makes it much harder for the jury to convict. They're not dealing with characterizations of a person anymore. They're dealing with that person. They have heard the person speak intimately in a courtroom. And even in cases I've had where a defendant testified, even when the jury ends up convicting, it often takes them longer to get there because it's a harder decision when a human being testifies to them. Starting on Tuesday, October 3rd, the day this episode airs, the world will be watching the criminal trial of the United States versus Sam Bankman -Fried. In this episode, my guests Kayvon Sadeghi and Samson Ensor unpack what it is we're likely to see in the trial, starting with what kinds of potential jurors it is that both the prosecution and the defense will want to deselect from the jury poll this week, why it's even gotten to the point of a criminal trial given that three co -conspirators have already pleaded guilty, what the core of the trial centers around, and why it is, they think, the fact that it involves crypto won't matter. Plus, they explore the effectiveness of one potential defense from Bankman -Fried's side, the so -called advice of counsel defense that says that FTX's own lawyers approved of the company's actions. And finally, they raise the question that everyone will be looking for. Will Sam testify? Hi, everyone. Welcome to Unchained, your no -hype resource for all things crypto. I'm your host, Laura Shin, author of The Cryptopians. I started covering crypto eight years ago and as a senior editor at Plurbs was the first mainstream media reporter to cover cryptocurrency full -time. This is the October 3rd, 2023 episode of Unchained. Buy, trade, and spend crypto on the Crypto .com app. New users can enjoy zero credit card fees on crypto purchases in the first seven days. Download the Crypto .com app and get $25 with the code Laura. Link in the description. Vaultcraft by Popcorn is your no -code DeFi toolkit for building automated non -custodial yield strategies. Learn more on vaultcraft .io about how you can supercharge your crypto portfolio. The game has changed. The Google Cloud Oracle built for layer zero is now securing every layer zero message by default. Their custom end -to -end solution sets itself up to bring its world -class security to web three and establish itself as the HTTPS within layer zero messaging. Visit layerzero .network to learn more. Say goodbye to your credit card rewards. Big box retailers led by Walmart and Target are pushing for a bill in Congress to take away your hard earned cash back and travel points to line their pockets. Senate bill 1838 would enact harmful credit card routing mandates that would end credit card rewards as we know it. If you love your credit card rewards, visit handsoffmyrewards .com and tell them to oppose credit card routing legislation paid for by the electronic payments coalition.

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