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With Bloomberg, you get the story behind the story, the story behind the global birth rate, behind your EV battery's environmental impact, behind sand, yeah, sand, you get context. And context changes everything. Go to Bloomberg .com to get context. That is it for this edition of Bloomberg Best. I'm Ed Baxter. And I'm Denise Pellegrini. And this is Bloomberg. Stay with us now. Top stories and global business headlines are coming up right now. President Biden spoke about the issue. Auto companies have seen record profits, including the last few years, because of the extraordinary skill and sacrifices of UAW workers. Speaking from the White House today, Biden also said he believes union workers have not been paid fairly over the past several years. The strike kicked off Friday after the current contract expired at midnight. Parts of coastal New England are bracing for tropical storm conditions as Hurricane Lee moves northward in the western Atlantic. The latest update from the National Hurricane Center says Lee remains a large hurricane with top winds of 80 miles an hour. Unsealed court records show the special counsel investigating former President Trump obtained direct messages from Trump's Twitter account. The court documents reveal special federal counsel Jack Smith's investigators warn Trump could precipitate violence if he was made aware about their efforts to get the messages. California is one step closer to becoming the first state in the nation.

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