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The bills and the jets thursday night football week nine already the nfl detrimental lands we go here's tom mariam top and we're minute impetus came janitor but the opening kickoff and they're very right now with a third and great from your own 33 are as we get there the affair your these game alleged maguire with a couple of carry four the jets of our weather conditions very good for november game effects absolutely warm and clear so that won't be in factor on this trip i'm close to perth number looks like they're going to have prompted away to the bill without amendment have gone by here in the first quarter now score between the jet hamed buffalo bill i top thanks very much meanwhile we do have other news a notes from the nfl and it's not good the shawn watson malev seasonending surgery after tearing his acl during thursday's practice at terrible news for the texans makhmud glowing has been side to be tom savages backup meanwhile andrew luck season is over he's been placed on i are all right college football will start with the game that can be seen on these cbs sports network third quarter eastern michigan leads ball state forty two fourteen also in the third quarter toledo leaves northern illinois seventeen ford team first quarter temple leads navy tend to three still to come idaho in troy get me to that game i turning our attention a baseball the angels have reportedly signed justin upton to a fiveyear extension worth one hundred ten million dollars the red sox have named tony larussa special assistant to team president dave dombrowski from the nba the cavaliers will be without tristan thompson for the month due to a calf injury i'm jay berman i this is rich ackerman we got great nfl coverage every sunday ion football expected ears cbs.

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