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Let's not bother to remind the movie let's just got to eminem world right now it's a you asked him that pretty much okay as a jungle is the film daniel radcliffe love these see you again thanks very much thank you for having me we could attempt to interview window how can we can either do the interview or literally mean you can leg across less the square and goods eminem world and come back before a ten minutes is up is totally up to you i mean uncontroversial and say that i'm not a massive eminem's fan it's a world of fun in that they have a rides it depends how many you eat it isn't like eminem's echo that he just said i was in america why they have their own store do they have a right in there and decide it depends how many wheat what tommy g n m an eminem for legal reasons you will have an embassy just chock milk chocolate krispy shelf again for legal reasons you went listen if you if you overdose own eminem to they have a right in there well it depends how many you eat danielle do drink i'm bongo wow israeli yeah well great deng i think i think mayan might primum bongo years would probably like six to eight i'll get i was like volume most of my most of the end looming most most people there some normal aunts that's a noble ends i love your we adopt lives are now that's fine that's fact that's a normal answer okay the next question i wanted to ask him was is bassi something that i'm building up to happen at some point and i really it's you and your fantasy pub out yes i essentially iin three turnage it's in recent oh yes in this very very much the and are you familiar with the show pointless on television richard osman i i think i'm on the record many places as my love the pointless is correct.

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