Walter Isaacson Goes Inside the Most Creative Mind in History: Leonardo da Vinci


Hey folks sam jones here welcome to another edition of offcamera the show i get to talk to a konic creative curious artists and find out how they got that way and in this episode i sit down with legendary actor willem dafoe you know one of the best things about doing the show is the excuse gives me to dive into the work of artists that i really admire i especially love it when that research tells me more about why i admire them willem dafoe deserves every bit of the praise and fame the came with his work in platoon mississippi burning the last temptation of christ but re washing his catalogue i found myself most drawn to his smaller films like shadow the vampire anti christ the hunter and gogo tales i suspect that's the stuff he enjoys the most to maybe that's why we talk so much about the florida project is most recent film it illustrates everything he loves about what he does willem spent weeks on a rundown motels driven florida shooting a small movie with a cast of newcomers most of whom had never acted in their lives why because he fell in love with a world in an idea because he got to collaborate with people who were excited about making something different and because he was able to enter a character the the best way he knows how by doing their job you can learn a lot about willem just by studying his choices and in this episode you'll learn what he asks himself before taking a role you'll also hear why he doesn't want to much respect and why a movie is only risky if it's not risky he said something else that struck me pretend with the thority find the thing that gives you the confidence to say i am this person is you'll hear that can be as complex as study in cognitive behavioural therapy or as simple as a set of fake teeth.

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