But as i talked about friday who's the nickel package podcast the friday version


As dominant but as i talked about friday who's the nickel package podcast the friday version during the week you're on espn and talked about fletcher cox in the impact that he still has on this team and you saw it nowhere more pronounced than their game against carolina were against one of the best guards and football and trade turner fletcher cox was dominant had him on skates going into the backfield the entire game and created opportunities for his teammates to go back and have success so i think looking forward towards that game is obviously huge the cincinnati bengals go on the road to pittsburgh like in the steelers get momentum going off that great game against the kansas city chiefs from the other day and try and keep capitalising on an offense that looked dominant again in ways that we expect it all year long been rothlisberger kind of appears to still be not quite himself and forgot its two weeks removed saying that maybe he doesn't have any more maybe that's something that shouldn't surprise us all that much but wait to see if they can keep it role would levy on bell and the increasingly disgruntled antonio brown and then a green bay brett humbly steps in for the injured aaron rodgers will going to see how that one goes hopefully went better than the start of this show and really towards the end of the show the run it'd be renaissance fair smoke break from mike mikey see but a devon we thank you for coming back in in sitting in lewis again men good luck i'm looking forward to the jfk info done for you it's gonna be great can't wait.

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