Who else are you chosing to sat on the seahawks side of the ball or you


The in light mi dynasty league where we've got deeper teams yeah what are you i've got frank gore and i chose to sat him i have huge how do you how do you manage to do this all the time have units do not do even know what you said i never know when i say man you do you show chosen to sad him oh that sounds terrible it it sounded i feel sad when you i genuinely feel so bad for jay because he gets the he's got to look on his face like we are being no i love you look at me like what happened i welcome the shame what would happen i morgan the same i deserve the same you know idiot ions used to say i feel i i choose to sat yes but he is on my dutch is when i was when i was logging that highlight just now yes yes i even tight i chose to sat in daito chose ignore eurodisney in right that's how you wrote it down as yet distant i chose to sat mm who else are you chosing to sat on the seahawks side of the ball or you i mean cris carter's my started the week you guys feel confident with that i do a i think that the seahawks will handle this game and then you're going to see a big dose of chris carson secondhalf are you started paul richardson only i'd only baldwin's out yes only of baldwin is out yet timmy graham your media to going graham i'll i'll play him yep russell these in it all right muscle the redskins in the chiefs are playing on monday night football the chiefs are undefeated they're playing great football seven point favorite at home in this match up forty nine and a half point over under and i am taking the over in this really i am i'm taking the over a monday night route i think you're gonna see some things get done by the offenses in this membership so i was going to say by the look of the over unders it is washington's defense getting the respect that it deserves.

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