The whispers in the bushes are saying orleans dark were


Grass congratulate so this is a passing affair or in this we've the whispers in the bushes are saying orleans dark were could get his shot this weekend does that matter to either of you know i mean it won't matter until after you see something you you can't uh that's not a glory play i'm i'm going to ab of fat by right if if you see something special afterwards obviously you start your zack urges is every week a he is to me an absolute weekly match up proof tight in right now because of the volume of targets your your wet year he start your zack urges yet nice if you've got more than one get them both in get involved in the line of okay seahawks oak at tennessee tennessee a two and a half point favorite of forty two and a half point over under and where has russell wilson gun has ruled on down soon guru he's gone to the grass donna some people asking whereas marcus mario oregon he's still there he had a really tough matchup last week he's groundhog day me he peaks set up there is this a good defense poker of go the dilfer going to lose sleep for a little bit longer okay wonderful this is an interesting game because i think i think tennessee should win it i'm not sure they do in it i think a lot of people are looking at the chris carson decision this week do you start chris carson would you start chris carson over demarco murray are derek henry who are shaky backfield no no no if murray is playing and i've voiced some hesitance but i would still play by play him over chris carson yeah the seahawks seeded chris carson can get all the carries but tennessee's defense is pretty good there at home and the seahawks have averaged ten point five points per game this year which is fifthworst in the league 10 points game distributed amongst all of those options is not going to get it done would you would you stream the titans defense.

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