If you're willing to wait till you have a tv show or a movie


And so he said we'll look uh if you're willing to wait till you have a tv show or a movie uh i'm certainly happy to wait in the premises you'll just get better which is good for the show you know keep me posted with how your efforts to get a tv show or a movie go and in the meantime and i said look jamaa i may call you back if you give me or not in an hour and say i've i've made a horrible air please have me on the show to do stand up i'm just he said no i can't argue with you yes your act doing the impersonations johnny would love to have that in a conversation and you are also right you're not coming on the show anytime soon to sit next the johnny unless you have a tv show or a move yeah so let's see how long vet tix um and i was against see him every now and then you know going with somebody else or around the improper to ever and it is about fourteen months later that i always cashed in the ron howard movie willow in that was enough for me to call him and say i think this is the one he said yet this is definitely the one and um i don't know how you waited fourteen months you know we've we laughed about it yeah and he any also said when it happened.

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