38 women have come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment | Mcclatchy


Vacation vacation i like the way they advertise matt movie i gotta go versus seeing the movie i really liked the movie but the ad campaign made me think i wouldn't have like a report of a movie is what is deleted seems as you're in one i really i thought it was really good oh let's let's talk immediately now it over please about the book yes so how does the book which jettison story was the name of the book which are found it i wrote this book it's called the actors life survival guide and when i s after i got cast on the office and it was starting to take off i was getting a lot i was on my space remember my space everybody that website okay i will get a lot of question i'm still on it to do will chat on my space is that what we did but he shattered did you channel yes okay i would pop blog post and things i will get a lot of questions from people saying like how'd you get your audition from office like how did you do that as if i had won audition who spur the office i got on but but more than that it was like what how'd you become an actor like tell me your story because you're on this great show and i've never heard of you so how that happened right um so i sat down and i spent about three or four months writing a blog post kind of about like what it took for me to become an actor.

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