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Joe louis beautiful hesitancy on the port of shell coaching staff and a cost of a good ten seconds let's see that comes back auto where you good preoccupied with other things in novi sad new loons to exert could slip board that's why somebody the head coach usually pass to be sitting there thinking clock all the time when it comes on his so he reacts immediately when scott russell wilson 23 career comebacks in the fourth quarter and overtime and trust way w upon the way tyler lockett standing back at his own 10yard line good snap leftfooted potter i end over and short kick and this little fuel without a run at the twenty love side 25 and out to lead 28 maybe the twenty nine his fiber walking through twenty two left remember the redskins have allowed an nfl high fifty eight points in the final two minute of each half thirty four in the final two minutes of the second half and the seahawks just need a field goal but remember blur walsh's miss three today here's missed from forty four thirty nine and forty nine all in the first half larry you think he does bode them all oh he's aware of an oh score a touchdown passes she york's wall first down at the seattle twenty nine may have to sign outs and a twominute warning empty backfield shotgun for wilson who trails ten a three receivers light to the left all now rush wilson moltke wilson throwing short spot up the kiss it at the forty five at the kissing is tackled inbound said about the thirty eight inapp we'll probably take us to the twominute warning chiachu russugol put it it really doesn't matter because if you wrote a player it's going to go one or two minutes anyway and it is the two warring vote all the other just look student twominute warning in seattle should be a great finish don't go away.

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