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Final Games


You know evoked the feeling of still being able to live in japan so i can absolutely one hundred percent totally understand that choi cell and rather jealous that persona wasn't out at that time because i think i would have chosen that vital that now you see now you've you've planted seeds in my head because in one of the essen k games they actually feature esaka which is a key part here in west japan i like i like west japan a lot more than i do a east japan and tokyo so i should have done with that but you know first answer will stick japan is still japan persona five clinches so case so would say was any answers on jail or tokyo in general just a deserted tokyo fan and you can go to should wear and all that kind of stuff as well um but so we're going to be sending you there with these eight games we've obviously already talked about duddy in her as being the first one and we're going to go again with a sort of pixel style title a 2d fighter from capcom the one and only capcom you know all too well about i'm but it's not maybe the game in the street find a series people would think about i think maybe they would they would be like it's this one of this one and eubank no nope nope and they'll be there i wonder which one it was on with this game was released back on i think it was like a dream cast in arcade originally than it was that playstation and like a gameboy advance paul and a police issue to poor as well back in 1998 pitted japanese arcades and then later on the drink hasn't playstation it is streetfighter alpha three.

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