Several years ago uh to me and my wife or going to a movie and um


I alcohol go a little effect all ethics a people thought he said kevin were a little harder time here near year i don't know if here um again a valya for celso resumption or uh but uh but we'll see if we can maintain the connection here i wanna there ask you uh what's your time uh laugh nuts too few minutes yeah and i wanted to share a quick story what's the listeners to you don't care is i think you know a correct me if i'm wrong year lawn wanna the um i dunno to me it's it seems like allows a break down between uh we're things go wrong between people and the police officers is just just respect you know having respect for one another like people avner respect for the officers and and and doing uh you know the simple things you're asked for an and for example i'll give a story here quick story has several years ago uh to me and my wife or going to a movie and um and i have diabetes sin i guess it was a bad day and i didn't know where did not get cash are got my wife up to steer she um has loop is so she uses a walker and then once i got her up tara parked car now pretty long walk once i got to the stairs i tripped over something and not a hard time getting up by just you now wish really weak that day and anyway two of the officers who works this theater helped me to my car they were super nice for me and my wife couldn't bidding asher our morale fall and um and then about a month later uh these officers after theater were caught in a shooting because a guy came out with his wife had an argument with her and was physically hitting our and officers went in there basically stop him he got in a big argument with the police and one thing lead to another and they put up uh day subdued him by doing that he uh loss conscious and he later died um but but i think my point is.

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