Hector vs. Kilauea: Hurricane on track to skirt past Hawaii's erupting volcano


One, five to, ten miles. An hour now I do believe you. Will notice the humidity. Being a little higher on, Sunday morning, lows will. Be in the upper seventies afternoon highs will be in, the upper nineties which also means they'll, feel. A little hotter than? The afternoon temperature southward. About ten to fifteen eighty five degrees right now with. DFW international airport brushfire in wise county this evening, at least, fifteen hundred acres, burned several agencies including. Metro area firefighters responding ten homes vacuum Dylan ongoing situation we don't know homes have been. Damaged we have a vacuum waited cerebral that's wise county sheriff lane ak- dispatcher say trucks are starting to come in off the lines the threat to additional homes not evacuated Maybe lessening wild weather nationwide this weekend thirty eight million people are, under, a flood threat in Lynchburg Virginia a flash flood warning was issued after four to six, inches of rain fell overnight leading to concerns over possible dam failure on. The other side of the country more than two, point five million people are under. A, red flag warning the highest alert for the threat of wildfires and just to the north firefighters in Oregon are trying to get. The Taylor creek fire to burn itself, out by using drones I'm Steve nana's more than ninety wildfires, still burning out west sixty six large an uncontained new evacuation orders called for a. Newly explosive fire in Mendocino county, twenty thousand people from the reading area still, waiting to see, if, their, home is, among more, than one. Thousand burned in another fire forecasters keeping. Tabs on hurricane Hector is it moves across the, eastern Pacific, there is. The potential for Hector to bring some impact to portions. Of the Hawaiian islands by mid week But it's too soon to determine an. Exact path for the storm state officials say this is a good time for. Everyone in the Hawaiian islands to ensure they have their hurricane plan in, place responded Bill Michaels they found the suspect in the Houston cardiologists shooting by police chief art ASA Vado says. Joseph Pappas shot himself in the head when police. Cornered him Friday leave it's about this mom unless we find some kind of documents somewhere somebody talked to you about why he was going to do it did this will. Never know one hundred percent Lhasa. Vado says it's believed the suspect's mother died, in surgery done by that cardiologists and that pops carried a related grudge for, twenty years twenty one year old Fort Worth mother Alexis Botello convicted Friday of capital murder and evidence tampering in the stomping death ever toddler daughter child was beaten by the woman's boyfriend body found buried under. A bridge back in two thousand fourteen again weekend highs nearing one hundred the overnight low seventy five eighty Eighty five right now at DFW international..

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