Chinese Goods May Face 25% Tariffs, Not 10%, as Trump's Anger Grows


Dot or the warrant piece report I'm Amy Goodman President Donald Trump. Called Wednesday for his attorney general to immediately end special counsel. Robert Muller's investigation into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election prompting critics to charge the president is guilty of obstructing Justice, and a Wednesday morning tweets, storm Trump, wrote this, is a terrible situation in Terni general Jeff Sessions should stop this rigged. Witch hunt right now before it continues to stay in, our country, any further. Congressman Adam Schiff the ranking. Democrat on the house intelligence committee responded this. Is an attempt to obstruct Justice hiding in plain sight America must never accept it At the White House senior administration officials. Claimed Trump was merely expressing an opinion this is White House. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Look the president is not obstructing he's fighting back the president is stating his opinion. He stating at. Clearly and he's certainly expressing the frustration that he has with the level of, corruption that we've seen from people like Jim Komi Peter Struck Andrew McCabe, President. Trump's call for an end, to the Muller, probe came on the second. Day of his former campaign manager's trial in Alexandria Virginia Paul Manafort. Faces eighteen charges including tax fraud Bank fraud and money laundering prosecutors told the jury Manafort hid much of the sixty million dollars. He earned from lobbying as an unregistered foreign agent on behalf, of pro, Russian Ukrainian, officials by stashing it in undisclosed overseas accounts witnesses, describe Manafort is spending lavishly from the accounts on cars, luxury goods home renovations even at fifteen thousand dollar ostrich skin leather jacket President Trump. Weighed in on the trial and a tweet suggesting Manafort. Is being treated worse, in jail, than the. Notorious Lobster Al Capone in south Texas the American immigration lawyers. Association says a. Migrant toddler who is separated from her family is part of the President Trump, zero tolerance border policy died shortly after being released from the Dili family, detention. Center he Houston-based lawyer Gani, tweeted the child, died following her stay at. An ice detention center as a result of possible negligent care and. A respiratory illness she contracted from one of the other children unquote last year lawyers with the ACO you and several other groups. Sued ice alleging it have been violating its own policy by, locking up, pregnant women, at Delhi and four other immigration jails the death, came as about seven hundred children forcibly separated from their, parents at the border have still not been reunited with them A federal court has declared. President Trump's executive order withholding funds from sanctuary cities in California unconstitutional however Wednesday's ruling by a three judge panel. On the ninth US circuit. Quarter of appeals will lift a nationwide injunction against Trump's crackdown on sanctuary cities a lower court is now slated to consider reimposing. That in Changcheng cities across California and then me and the other states, have passed sanctuary. City policies, barring local police from cooperating, with federal immigration agencies the New York Times reports that Trump. Administration's considering a plan to sharply. Reduce the number of refugees allowed to settle in the United States the plan which has the support of Trump's anti-immigrant senior policy. Adviser Stephen Miller would cap the number of refugees resettled next year to twenty five thousand forty percent drop. From the current cap the number of refugees allowed into the US by the Trump administration has slowed to a near trickle with The country already on pace to allow in the, fewest number of refugees since the federal refugee resettlement. Program was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty in Zimbabwe's capital Harare soldiers and police used tear gas water cannons and live ammunition Wednesday, to clear protesters who taken to the streets to allege Monday's presidential. And parliamentary vote was rigged at least three people were shot dead scores more left injured many of them film being beaten. By soldiers a spokesperson for the opposition party movement for democratic change called the violence and attack on democracy Deployment of tanks and fighting a fly munition on civilians porno apart in Greece Civilians are allowed to demand the specs of their rights, in an awful manner This order, may be dealt with by the police who are best trained for public quote Soldiers are trained to kill during war We. Are seriously to wonder what, this means are we in. War civilians the enemy of the state the deadly crackdown on protests came after election. Returns showed president Emmerson mnangagwa's ruling Zanu PF party. Is heading for a large parliamentary majority there's been no announcement, of a winner in the presidential race prompting international election observers to question the credibility of the vote in the Democratic Republic of Congo and new investigation by vice news bolsters evidence of. Ethnic cleansing of the. Haleema ethnic minority in the eastern province the violence began last December is hundreds of machete-wielding. Militiamen swept through areas west of lake Albert on Congo's border with Uganda about one hundred twenty communities were attacked with hundreds killed thousands. Of homes destroyed and. Some, three, hundred fifty thousand. People displaced investigative journalists Nick terse reports. The violence came after the US abruptly Support for peacekeeping. Efforts last year as part of President Trump's America first policies President Trump doubled down and his growing trade war with China Wednesday threatening. To increase tariffs on. A, range, of Chinese products. From ten percent to twenty five percent The tariffs would target some two hundred billion dollars of Chinese goods Trump launched a tit for tat series, of, tariffs, after talks with. Beijing broke down in may prompting what Chinese officials have called the largest trade war in economic history Google is preparing to launch a service in China that allow Chinese sensors to block. Search terms, about human rights democracy religion and peaceful protests that's, according to the intercept which reports the. Project codename Dragonfly was launched in the spring of last year and. Accelerated after Google CEO met with a top Chinese government official in December. In response Patrick, Poon of, Amnesty International told the intercept quote the biggest search engine in the world obeying the censorship in China is a victory for the Chinese government it sends. A signal that nobody, will bother to challenge the censorship anymore he said Amnesty International, says, hackers recently targeted one of its staffers and a sophisticated surveillance effort by a hostile government to Spy on the group's work the staffer who was working on a campaign calling for the release of jailed women's rights activists in Saudi Arabia received an anonymous message and our Beck and. WhatsApp smartphone, application the message was found to contain a link, that would install the malware program Pegasus. Developed by an Israeli cyber intelligence firm which allows a third party. To spy extensively on an encrypted phones calls photos and messages amnesty warns. The attack was, likely part, of a much broader effort to spy on activists in several countries across Asia Africa and Europe The Trump administration's. Cleared the way for insurance companies to expand their sales.

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