Zimbabwe's president welcomes court challenge


This is the BBC news it's union. McDonald Zimbabwe's newly reelected president Emmerson mnangagwa's insisted the elections were free and fear he says his rival. Nelson Chamisa had a crucial role to play in Zimbabwe's future but he also had the. Right to challenge the outcome Mr.. Jimmy says his party is, prepared to present evidence in court. That vote-rigging. Led to. His loss Mr. mnangagwa's. Defended. The election is open to the world Fiftieth. We went out. You know millions to share or future Yeah it, was British in Zimbabwe democracy First of all of unfettered freedom with is of the world, when us? We, believe what if free fair, election Officials in eastern Afghanistan. At least twenty five people have been killed in a suicide attack. On a mosque used by the Shia community hundreds of people were taking part in Friday prayers inside the mosque in Gardez the capital of Factoria province when two men wearing women's burqas entered into opened fire at least one blew himself up in, Turkey is handed down life sentences to. Nine people over the bombing of a peace rally in two thousand fifteen. Which killed more than one hundred people the attack shortly before elections proved a turning point in the full skill revival. Of Turkey's conflict with his car dish. Minority Virginia Gidley kitchen reports the twin explosions outside Ankara's main railway station targeted a peace rally pro-kurdish labor activists the demonstrators had gathered to call for an end to the growing violence. Between the government and Kurdish PKK militants fury survivors blamed the government for failing to provide security for the rally even though Previous Kurdish peace rally had been attacked. The government itself held these state group responsible for the explosions however ignoring a unilateral ceasefire declared by the PK. The government responded by redoubling its attacks on PKK targets Britain's Prime. Minister Theresa May's meeting president Macron is summer retreat in an apparent attempt to soften French resistance to our plan for leaving the European Union is the latest in a series of British meetings with individual European leaders and officials here's a reporter Adam, Fleming Brexit is just one of the. Subjects on the agenda for this meeting among the vineyards and beaches of. The south of France MRs may will want to explain her white paper on the future relationship with the EU leader. To leader but it's not clear if. President Macron will judge it as enough movement from the UK for the EU to change its long-standing and collectively agreed approach to Brexit and Brussels feels that needs to be more movement, on outstanding Voice issues such as. The, Irish border before serious discussions about the future. BBC news China says it has plans to impose new. Import tariff some sixty billion dollars worth of US goods the commerce ministry said the plans would go ahead if Washington did not back. Down from President Trump's threat to slap import tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. It says its. Plans were rational unrestrained the United States is implemented sanctions against three foreign businesses over their alleged activities with North Korea the measures effect to. Russian Bank and the Chinese and the Korean firm as well as a Moscow-based individual the Justice department said. They were helping North Korea the UN Security Council sanctions NASA has named the nine astronauts who will fly to the international space station on new spacecraft built by Elon Musk's SpaceX corporation and Boeing next April the seven species And to space women are part of. NASA's commercial crew program a new project working. With US aerospace companies to develop the next generation of space craft following the space shuttle's retirement seven years ago Nicole own Apu man a US Marine Lieutenant Colonel will fly aboard. The Boeing star liner spacecraft she said. It was an opportunity of a lifetime debris involved in the test and development and then to. Be there on launch day and to experience the result of all that, hard work it's going to be. A proud moment for the team it's going to. Be a proud moment for America so I'm just grateful to be able to help usher in this new era of American spaceflight and as a test pilot it doesn't get any, better than this The Russian foreign ministry says an American sailor who appears to have wandered, aimlessly in the bearing see for two weeks is safe. And well a spokeswoman said John Martin from Anchorage. In Alaska had been sailing on the Yukon river when he decided to venture into the open sea reports quote him as, saying he was planning to reach China BBC news Wwl RT thanks listener.

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