Comcast outage affecting business, residential customers coast-to-coast


Frank traynor and locally our top story new jersey's governor phil murphy must now decide whether to shut down the state government if that happens that'll be the second time in two years or accept a budget that he doesn't like the story from kyw's david madden all signs point to a closure come sunday after to go she fell apart over the millionaire's tax legislative leaders offered one that was a no go for the governor their offer of a nine point nine five percent tax rate on incomes in excess of five million dollars would raise nowhere near what is necessary to get us into balance assembly speaker craig coughlin noted that offer was progress in and of itself since they had opposed any such lovey in response last proposal governor offered no compromise offered no counterproposal rejected out of hand murphy could accept the budget the legislature gave him or do some line item vetos which could avert a shutdown but at this point those options seem unlikely david madden kyw newsradio friday comcast customers were having issues coast to coast not just here risque ws kim glovas with that story comcast issued a statement saying one of their large backbone network providers had a fiber cut that's impacting other providers as well the statement says business and residential internet video and voice customers are affected customers are going to twitter to complain about the issues areas affected include philadelphia south jersey washington dc and boston as well as cities as far away as san francisco and seattle verizon at and t may also be having some problems calls and emails are out to both companies the outage began around noon on the east coast but some customers say the problem started well before that kim glovas kyw newsradio some fireworks are now legal in the state of pennsylvania but you may want to check the local walls where you live as we hear from kyw suburban bureau chief jim melwert while pennsylvania changed the law last fall to allow the sale and use of smaller fireworks like bottle rockets or firecrackers there are still some unisom polities that ban any explosive without a permit it's pretty much a no tolerance policy patrolman matt kuebler was collegeville police in montgomery county borough environment where there's a lot of houses close by you know whatever goes up must come down it's just unsafe for for the residents and pennsylvania state police spokesman ryan tarkovsky says be aware of the laws no one under eighteen or under the influence of drugs or alcohol can set off fireworks just like if you're driving designate the sober person in the group set off the fireworks look overhead look at the trees or maybe in the way that catch fire and just use commonsense and be safe out there.

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