Jahi McMath, Who Doctors Declared Brain Dead 5 Years Ago Sparking Court Battle with Her Mom, Dies


The women says uci ignored complaints about inappropriate touching and comments uci has removed francisco al its name from the school jihai mcmath has died she's the girl at the center of the medical and religious debate over brain death the girl's mother says doctors in new jersey declared mcmath dead from excessive bleak plus after an operation to treat an intestinal issue mcmath had been in a vegetative state since late two thousand thirteen when a coroner in the bay area ruled the thirteen year old died after suffering irreversible brain damage during a tonsilectomy make matt's mom refused to accept the conclusion and move the girl to new jersey where she's been kept on life support and received care erin bender kfi news governor brown has signed a bill putting the issue of daylight saving time on the november ballot california voters will get to choose whether state lawmakers should try to make daylight saving time year round that would mean the current our ahead time would last all year and daylight with last an extra hour between november and march actually an extra an extra hour later in the day between november and march the us congress would still have to give final approval for the change traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center crash in west la.

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