The Trolley Problem: New Seattle Streetcars May Not Fit on Tracks


John Your your streetcar dreams yet another example of them swirling down the drain in. Seattle, yeah The fifty two million dollars streetcar not not even light rail streetcars. Streetcar The Seattle's, anti-trump mayor Jenny durken maybe, on track for a political backlash her cities fifty two million dollar money splash on public transit appears doomed. Because the new tax payer funded streetcars Don't fit the existing tracks Awesome they don't fit. Wherever, he don't fit unbelievable yeah I have too much useless knowledge about modern streetcars. And their and, their history but you know maybe one day like, on a post show podcast we can break it all down because the whole. Streetcar debacle across America's nothing just one big giant Obama era scam. Scam is a huge scam so the Seattle department of transportation of reportedly ordered ten new streetcars last year to help expand Seattle's streetcar system by leaking, the two existing streetcar lines jigsaw streetcars But, the new streetcars are reportedly heavier, and longer than the ones currently in use Razi gets earns about whether they'll. Be used at all city council member Lisa herb old road on. The city's blog it appears that the air will require either a-changing order for design of the streetcars incurred new costs for construction of new or retrofitted, maintenance Barnes Yeah these, streetcars You don't see a lot of them anymore, because because Well In a, nutshell it really. Does it's a kind of a carbon copy of what we see with the south west light. Rail you have the government, says, hey will grant you this amount of money to help you build. This like in our, case these, these the south west light rail. Lines. Okay you had a very similar thing happening about, five, six seven years ago under the Obama administration with these with these modern? Day modern. Streetcars I, mean this is essentially when you go look at the at at at at old footage or photos of metropolitan. Areas these are those being the trolleys that you used to see going down the road before cars were more prevalent all the technology and what the Obama administration was. Doing they were offering up these millions and millions of dollars in these tiger grants to help bolster these democrat run cities to hand this money to these city councils and local government that they could go and then use To build these streetcars that they could. Tout as economic boons, and they, would go and build up the. Streetcar. Lines just like the south west light rail by, offering, all these tax incentives to businesses along the lines that nobody else was, going to. Get of, course not the streetcar thing was even worse though because the technology was so bad like we weren't even making. These in America anymore they had to go look to Belgium and so they ended up funding like one company this Oregon rail streetcar company out of out of Portland. Oregon there were the one company left building the only way they fired up the.

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