Cult members hanged for Tokyo subway attack


Hear about families were United. After decades apart I just called her name and then. She was screaming we will We find. Out about threats to the peace deal it was read by many many people to be a call for coup. And a former Eritrean ambassador tells us. What will happen if the Peacedale falls apart this is agent is one of, the most volatile region in the, world so the international, community is your whole has. A stake in ensuring that adjust inclusive peace process is. Consciously made that's all coming up in the inquiry after, the news Hello, I'm Jerry Smith with the BBC news the former Estonian. Cricketer, Imran Khan is moving closer to becoming prime minister but opposition parties have alleged major vote-rigging in, the, election alleging Parkinson's powerful military favored. Mister calm early results indicate that Imran Khan's party is on course to become. The single largest in parliament from Islamabad Sikander Kamani county the votes is still ongoing the looks increasingly likely his PTI party will win more seats in parliament than anyone else though it will still be short. Of an overall majority however, the party which has been in power for the past five years has rejected the results leadership Bosh we've condemned what he called. Rigging he said he'll be using all political and legal means to challenge. The result Mr. Khan has promised to quit new Pakistan and seen by many voters is a break from the. Dynastic politics that is dominated the country for decades the The Japanese Justice, ministry has, confirmed that six, members of. The Shinrikyo count have been executed they were the last members of the group on death row earlier this month the cult's. Leader Shoko Asahara and six. Other members were hanged the group carried out an attack on the Tokyo subway in one, thousand nine hundred five with the nerve gas sarin killing. Thirteen, people and injuring thousands more the man had been on death row since they conviction in two, thousand, and four Japan's Justice minister Yoko. Can mccower says the group's actions were cruel and senseless hunk on your the. Pain and sadness inflicted by these crimes into the victims the victims families and those who survived had to live with disabilities and their families defies the. Imagination The search has intensifying in Greece to find at least forty people still unaccounted for following devastating wildfires around Athens neighboring Balkan nations and fellow EU states have, been assisting the operation many other countries have offered their health at least eighty one people have died A surprise merger announced. In Australia will create a media giants, that. Includes television online video streaming print and digital journalism the nine television network is to buy out, Fairfax newspapers which includes the Sydney Morning Herald and the age Melbourne critics of the. Change Saito threatened the Fairfax's groups one hundred eighty year. Record of quality journalism The ustralian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says is a positive move this will Mike both businesses by the Fairfax business and the. Non, network business stronger as a result it's a. Very competitive. Media involvement as we all know rapidly changing with much more competition than there, was ten let alone twenty. Years ago and so that's why the industry needs a, in companies need to be able to consolidate and I think it will make. For a stronger business overall. You're listening to world news from the BBC A small explosion has occurred outside, the US embassy in Beijing. Chinese police say a man from the Chinese northern region of Inner Mongolia set off a firework outside the embassy injuring only his hand the blast. Blanketed, the streets around the embassy in white smoke Republicans in the US have begun a bid to try to remove the country's deputy attorney general from his, post rod Rosenstein is overseeing the special counsel. Investigation into allegations of Russian interference in America's twenty sixteen presidential election from Washington Chris cler reports a group of almost a dozen Republican members of the house of representatives filed the articles of impeachment against rod Rosenstein. Accusing, him of not cooperating with congressional enquiries the US. Deputy attorney general has been consistently attacked by, allies of President Trump ever since he appointed Robert Mueller to lead a special council. Investigation into allegations of interference and collusion in the two thousand sixteen election however the motion is. Unlikely to ever reach your vote and even if all Republicans. Were to, agree they wouldn't have the numbers in the Senate to remove Mr. Rosenstein from his post the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah, has confirmed the resignation of all nine of its board members Apparently to enable the recently elected, government to determine a new leadership structure the move follows criticism from the prime minister. Mahatma Muhammad who alleged that the funds have been used by the previous government to reward politicians The BBC is to seek leave to appeal last week's high court. Judgments in favor of the British pop singer Cliff Richard. And against the BBC the court ruled that the BBC's extensive, live coverage of a police raid on cliffs home for years ago infringed his right. To privacy no charges were brought against the, singer for the BBC argues that there's a significant principle of press freedom had steak BBC news You're listening to the inquiry on the BBC World Service. With me Helena merriment each week one question for expert witnesses, and announcer Early morning. In Ethiopia asylum a journalist in his fifties is. Heading to the airport, he's nervous he's been waiting for this trip. For years doesn't know what he'll find what he's looking for at, the other end he. Bought the plane out of the window White.

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