Boston Red Sox acquire Nathan Eovaldi from Tampa Bay Rays for Jalen Beeks


Yankees last night in exchange for three prospects and the Red Sox reportedly answer today has the socks go, out and acquire Nathan of all the from the Tampa Bay rays evolved the the ability to. Rack up some strikeouts we saw him shut down the Mets a couple of. Weeks ago so the Red Sox Not wasting much time going right back at the Yankees as far. As that is concerned Sandy pre-game show interviews with Wayne Randazzo myself visit seven ten w. o. r. dot, com slash, Matt's. Catch, up, on everything you missed as, far as the Mets go today a metro sorry oh again leading off for the Mets and it's a nice. Job in that spot over the, last, couple of nights getting the opportunity against left handers the. Other item of note Jeff Nielsen how is not in the starting lineup for the mats Mickey Callaway explained various reasons for it. From the, fact there's a left hander, on. The hill for the San Diego Padres too you know keeping guys like Jose Ramos sharp Andreas. Gets the start at third base Boy But, you we'll hope the moving forward get some looks at Jeff McNeil's second base third, base and you start to see what's there in the. Future I think that's what fans are looking to see MacDill what he stepped up to the plate last night for his big league debut in a nice ovation from Mets, fans then first pitch and his first major league, hit but not in the lineup. Today Clayton Richard goes for the Padres Corey Oswald on the, hill still looking for his first win this season for the New. York. Mets that'll do it here for Mets on. Deck I'll be back with the after the post game. Show Wayne Randazzo has the pre-game show starting up and.

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