North Korea hands over remains of Korean War soldiers to U.S.


Friday July twenty seventh two thousand eighteen coming. Up on. America in the morning I'm John Lawrence of bittersweet ceremony in South Korea remains of US. Troops killed in the Korean war our return new. Revelations reportedly made by Trump fixer Michael Cohen says the president knew about a. Meeting with Don Jr. and. Russians Jim shoe has the latest, I'm Jim Roope in Los Angeles. Avoidable fires will continue to California lawmakers are grappling with how to prevent respond to and pay. For the growing number of wildfires could Amazon be worth more than? Any other company in history today I'm. Tom Busby move over Russian election meddling is a new report says there are multiple economic threats. In play from, global cyber attackers I'm Jan Johnson what can? You get a robot to do they detect the colors of the beef and the maturity I'm Jim Bohannon it was something new? For mardi gras all ahead on America in the morning It's seven after decades after their deaths US soldiers are on. Their way home North Korea released. The probable remains of troops who fought during the, Korean war John. Lawrence has, our top story a somber ceremony at Osan airbase in South Korea Friday morning one by one the remains of US soldiers were handed over fifty five cases in all this ceremony. Occurring on the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, that ended hostilities in the Korean war this return is one of the commitments were. Korean leader Kim Jong UN agree. To when he and President Trump, met, last month in Singapore now I have a great relationship I think I think was chairman Kim and I think a lot, of good things, are gonna happen while. Mr. Trump trumpeted positive. Things about Pyongyang. For nine months no nuclear tests no rockets going up don't miss those going Over Japan we got three hostages back vice President Mike Pence remains reserved there is no escaping the, plain fact North, Korea's leadership has exacted. Unparalleled probation and cruelty Upon its people for decades time will tell what. Will happen with the, relationship between the US North Korea but. For now the White House says it's encouraged. By, North Korea's actions and. The momentum for positive change it could take months maybe years, before the remains are identified a. Formal repatriation ceremony is, scheduled, for August first I'm John Lawrence reporting it's nine after the hour CNN is reporting that. Michael Cohen the former longtime Trump attorney claims he witnessed Donald Trump junior tell his father about that meeting with Russians. Offering dirt on the Hillary Clinton campaign correspondent Jim shoot ho explains what sources are telling him and reminds us what President, Trump has previously said about that meeting one claimed that has. Stayed consistent is that Trump had no knowledge of the meeting beforehand, was not, told about it afterward and he. Insists he first learned about it one. Year later when the, New York Times I came to them with that information those denials we, should know repeated Not just by President Trump by his attorney j Sokolow Trump junior his son Trump junior's attorney who we. Of course reached out to again as, well as the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders president's attorney Rudy. Giuliani yesterday questioned Michael, Cohen in light of the new revelations. Calling him pathological liar speaker of the house. Paul, Ryan does not think. It's a good idea President Trump's most ardent Republican allies in, the house thank it is and. They'd like to force, a, vote on their articles of impeachment against the second ranking Justice department official rod Rosenstein Bob. Costantini explains it's unclear if house leaders will allow a vote but conservative freedom caucus members are targeting deputy attorney general. Rod Rosenstein with articles of impeachment if there ever to force the Justice department to release all documents related to the Russia, and Trump campaign investigations were not about interfering with the Muller. Investigation what we're about is doing proper oversight and transparency that's Republican, Mark meadows, for his part Rosenstein Counters the Justice department has. Turned over thousands of documents but is reluctant to give congress evidence in an ongoing investigation. Russian effort to influence. The two thousand sixteen presidential campaign is just one tree in a growing forest one author of the articles of impeachment Jim, Jordan of Ohio wants to be Paul Ryan's replacement come January Jordan's aspiration is. Emblematic of contempt freedom, caucus members have for Ryan for his part the current speaker does, not want the house. To get bogged down. On impeaching the deputy attorney general I don't think we should be cavalier with this process or with. This term to I don't think that this rises the level of high crimes and misdemeanors really high standard backing majority. Leader Kevin McCarthy. To be the next speaker Ryan also says Rosenstein is impeached in, the house it'll tie up the Senate already tied. Up with a supreme court nomination and the need to pass separate spending bills Meanwhile President Trump at a round table discussion in Iowa China's doing a little number they want to attack the the. Farm belt because they know those the farmers love. Me they, voted for me we want everyone Of the state's estate where farmers. Are feeling the pinch of the trade wars retaliatory tariffs on agricultural products Iowa GOP congressman David Young. Staying back here in Washington is worried about what the tariffs mean to his reelection. Chances and he's one GOP house member who won't support the impeachment resolutions against deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein impeachments a big deal back home as. Well a lot, of people aren't talking about this. This seems to be more of a inside baseball kind of issue that's popped up here before we go into our. August, work break the house is now offering August recess, and the articles of impeachment. Against rod Rosenstein are now in limbo Bob Costantini Washington twelve minutes after the hour eyeing. California utilities accountability in. Paying for wildfire When,.

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