Facebook stock drops $100 billion following Cambridge Analytica fiasco


Worst trading day for Facebook since going public in two thousand twelve even set a Wall Street, record also I Tyler I. Don't have an answer we're learning more about the murder of a young DPS, trooper and now with our top story here's Jimmy west Facebook founder. Mark Zuckerberg is a lot lighter in the wallet today after his social media giant took the biggest one day, stock, price, drop in, American, history, KTAR's Jim cross is live with more, Jamie Facebook lost more than one hundred billion dollars worth of stock. Values. Soccer Berg Mark Zuckerberg Facebook founder fifteen billion on his own, fewer people logging on more and more deactivating accounts as what's behind the plunge ABC's Kenneth says the discovery of huge numbers of fake Facebook pages like the Russians during the two thousand sixteen election just one reason and then word that Cambridge, Analytica a firm hired by the, two thousand sixteen Trump campaign may have improperly obtained information from up to eighty seven Million, users has not just Facebook having troubled more and more Twitter users are jumping ship shares of Twitter before Wall Street opens are down already more than fifteen percent live in the news center Jim cross KTAR news It is six zero one and now from the, valley Chevy dealers traffic, center let's, check. In first, time. With detour. Dan who always likes to. Remind us what day of the week it is I know, I wish you would have helped me out with that yesterday Jim first of all good morning Joe good morning Jamie good morning good morning all day yesterday I. Thought it was Wednesday It was such a long leak at I'm telling, you now as I, look freeway, picture. Right now, first. Of all. Let's get the important business. Out of the way okay Right, now what are we got going on and? Traffic, well first of, all I go back to what I just. Heard Paul Calvi Saint about he shaming himself with the donuts high. Picture everybody right now with chocolate, Donut icing on both sides of their face a milk. Mustache you've got time for it this. Morning there's no freeway. Crashes there's no freeway delays like one extra minute on the ten eastbound on the inner. Loop you're good to..

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