New York Yankees' Aaron Judge has chip fracture in right wrist, won't swing bat for three weeks


At, bat to be a valuable asset on the Yankees roster and while. He might be a more established player than you would have liked to. Give up for a rental he just didn't have. A place on this Yankees roster for the next few. Years, so while the Yankees continued to add on the mound they did lose the. Big bad for the next few weeks Two two Get out of. The way so he'll take Folks Mike. Okay. Yes, network, Aaron judge hit on the right. Wrist MRI reveals a chip. Fracture no surgery recommended by the Yankees estimated three week time period before he can swing a bat and a. Game, again ESPN Yankees reporter. Coli Harvey on sportscenter with Kenny. Mayne the medical report is that Aaron judge actually suffered a chip fracture of a bone in his right, wrist and it's right about any here on his right. Wrist and essentially you need that obviously to. Swing it's going to be about three weeks before he can actually swing a bat in a game situation according to the. Yankees and obviously you're talking about three weeks stretch where they've got a big series coming. Up they've got the Boston Red Sox next week in, Boston and so he'll be missing that. Series but the good news is that of the next thirty four games twenty seven of those games for the Yankees are against teams with losing. Records so at least they do have that going for them as they try to move forward without. Aaron judge, Moore were you hearing from his teammates knowing that the suffering a pretty big loss for at least a few? Weeks. Yeah, well, obviously, very a somewhat psalm MBA locker room summer clubhouse he didn't. Really. See. Too. Many, players, in there but Aaron Hicks was. One player who did just. Speak to us moments ago in the clubhouse and you know he said hey this is going to be a. Big, blow you're talking about. A guy who's a fifty home. Run player that's a big part of an offense a big chunk of that production who's now gone he, said that they've got to figure out a way to. Move forward without him and you know we'll. See exactly what Aaron Boone in the Yankees are deciding to do as they as they move forward the Yankees were seven. Two winners over the royals gaining ground on the Red Sox who fell to the twins. Boston now four and a half up in the east, highlights of both games later in the. Show you're listening to the sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio and the ESPN app I am Jim Baskerville NFL training camps opening around the league speaking. Publicly for the first time since the July tenth attack at his house in which his ex girlfriend. Was beaten, and robbed bills running back Sean McCoy told reporters he feels quote very confident unquote about being able to play?.

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