Serious signs arson started deadly Greek wildfires


Battling fire and rain in. California it's scorching heat and a series of, wildfires including one that authorities think was deliberately set that one forced the evacuation of the whole town of Idyllwild near LA in the San Francisco. Area firefighters are struggling with a fire in the town of. Clayton a couple of factors were contending with right now or the. Temperatures and the wind is you can feel Cal fire's John Cox on the east, coast it's heavy, rain wind and. Flooding Pennsylvania's had up to eleven inches of rain over the past five days in New. Jersey a tree fell that had been standing since before the declaration of independence was. Signed I'm Rita Foley Greek. Authorities say they have serious indications a wildfire near Athens that killed at least. Eighty two people would set deliberately grounded spectrum suggests the fire that broke out in multiple places in a short, timeframe likely resulted from arson news and analysis at townhall dot. Com I'm Keith Peters The Trump administration is defending its. Move to ban a CNN reporter from an, open press event at the White House yesterday Oval Office meeting between President Trump and European officials CNN's Kaitlan Collins and other reporters yelled questions to. The president as is standard practice Collins says the White House. Reprimanded her for asking inappropriate questions about former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. And then barter from a rose garden event open to all credentialed reporters spokeswoman Sarah, Sanders says the, White House supports. A free press but ask that everyone be respectful of the presidency saga megani Washington in. A show of solidarity with other press members Fox News anchor Bret Baier released a. Statement saying that he and. Fox News quote stand firmly with CNN on this issue and the issue of. Access FOX president j Wallace echo that arguing for the right.

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